By Why Me - United States - Indianapolis
Today, my neighbor finally decided that when she walks her dog, she should pick up his poop. She also decided to leave the poop-filled bags in my driveway. I confronted her about this and she claimed it's never happened. I've watched her multiple times from my front window. FML
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  King_Nero  |  15

There's really nothing the police can do about something like this because it's not vandalism. Op just needs to deal with the asshole neighbor on their own.

  KK3137  |  31

Aaalrighty, slow down there, Doppelganger sexer... Besides, if OP set neighbour bitch on fire then neighbour bitch wouldn't get to revel in the stench of her wrongdoings.

By  Smiley_70  |  22

Pick up said bags and leave in her doorstep. That is after filming her leaving said bags on your drive way. If she asks - explain you are returning her dogs brownies