By Why Me - 20/10/2014 03:00 - United States - Indianapolis

Today, my neighbor finally decided that when she walks her dog, she should pick up his poop. She also decided to leave the poop-filled bags in my driveway. I confronted her about this and she claimed it's never happened. I've watched her multiple times from my front window. FML
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Record her and show her the recording

Put it on her front porch and light it on fire.


orbit 22

Or every time more shows up, just throw it on her roof.

Record then show it to the cops OP or better yet get the cops in your house then make them watch her do it

incoherentrmblr 21

Put on a pair of gloves, and put it back on her property. If it gets worse, you can either call the cops or just start sh*tting on her lawn like Me, Myself, and Irene...

Just ******* go outside next time you're watching her do it.

OP, you should put a video surveillance and show it to the police

lexiieeex3 32

Or just next time she does it go outside and call her out on it...

JMichael 25

I'd say if it keeps up turn her into the authorities.

There's really nothing the police can do about something like this because it's not vandalism. Op just needs to deal with the asshole neighbor on their own.

There are times that you need to reach out and touch somebody... With a fist to the face. This might be one of them.

Trespassing and littering on private property id say it's close

Yes, yes there is something they can do. Most city ordinances provide hefty fines for littering and police may take some interest.

Actually in most places you get fined for leaving your dogs shit. I know you do here

Record her and show her the recording

Save a copy of different occasions for the cops too.

That would've been my first reaction!!!

Ihavegas 22

I would also like to view it on YouTube

Don't even bother showing her, just record it and go straight to whatever authorites handle this type of thing.

Video Cam it and then straight to the relevant agency for dog fouling in your area

Start filming it as proof and then show it to her. See what she says then.

Put it on her front porch and light it on fire.

Put it on her front porch and light HER on fire!

Aaalrighty, slow down there, Doppelganger sexer... Besides, if OP set neighbour bitch on fire then neighbour bitch wouldn't get to revel in the stench of her wrongdoings.

PresidentNorth 16

Sure she would. It won't last as long as we'd like but she'll be reveling.

Have a pal put another one at the back door, and set it on fire ( and knock loudly) just after the first one.

why don't you record her doing this as proof and then confront her

Pick up said bags and leave in her doorstep. That is after filming her leaving said bags on your drive way. If she asks - explain you are returning her dogs brownies