By beateneggs - 02/03/2010 19:57 - United States

Today, while shopping with my mother, she handed me a frozen turkey to put in the cart, but ended up swinging it into my nuts instead. I feel like a giant battered eggplant, and I think I'm now impotent. FML
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JojoBrown520 0

giant battered eggplant? O.o

jennacide 0

Thats what you get for trying to do a womans job! jk :)


jennacide 0

Thats what you get for trying to do a womans job! jk :)

GeorgeBoosh 0

The OP is a complete childish woosy kid. Could say: "A load of bollocks", but he says he no longer has any

Let me swing a 10+ lbs chicken in to your testicles and see if you still feel that way douche!

JojoBrown520 0

giant battered eggplant? O.o

ShadowedHuman 5

yea I was wondering the same thing... WTF must be some redneck hick

since when do hicks eat eggplant?? haha

I've never had eggplant. At least I know I'm not a hick?

I was also wondering why of all things he chose an eggplant. Easily bruised? Purple? =

I'm thinking because not only are eggplants very delicate (simply by touching them can they be damaged), and they're usually very large. I think it's an excellent, yet disturbing, description.

I was wondering if it was battered as in beaten or battered as in deepfried kfc.

uh eggplant is used in alot of ITALIAN meals not one red neck way of using it that I know of?

FYL, I hurt just thinking about it.

YDI for shopping with your mom. J/K, go ice them balls now. Nicely done on the "battered eggplant" line BTW.

Woodsy007 0

lol it took me a minute but I got it.

Don't ice your balls! They will shrink. xD

Did you really just compare your aching nuts to a veggie? haha. Score 1 for the turkey.

denbeste 3

When animals attack! Next on Animal Planet!

tell her to take it herself and get in the kitchen

yoitssabrina 0

that sounds painful o.O haha i agree with #9,i love how you would use a vegetable as an example :P