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By steven - 28/06/2009 15:53 - Cayman Islands

Today, I had my first kiss standing in front of my front door. It was really cute, the way you normally think about first kisses. When I got inside, I realized my mom had been watching out of her second story bedroom window, taking pictures. She put them on Facebook captioned, "My baby's first kiss!" FML
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Wow that really just sucks XD that's a whole new definition of invasion of privacy

Your mom is either the coolest or least cool mom on the planet


Wow that really just sucks XD that's a whole new definition of invasion of privacy

janefrom1979 0

it really is, if my mom ever saw my first kiss, I would have wanted to die, let alone have everyone else see it on FailBook, thank god she hasn't caught me yet.

lab2lb 0

oh my goodness i would have been so mad. .. he should get revenge. but how?

janefrom1979 0

he should "accidentally" walk in on his parents having sex.

easylazy 0

Why on earth would you let your mom get a Facebook?? YDI

lexilovesyou 0

How do you know its a boy.???

You know what would make this much, much worse? If he was like 26.

monsterface4627 0

He should put a virus on her computer! or hack her facebook! xD

swooshq 0

actually, walking in on his parents having sex would probably be more of an FML for him than the parents..

dinosaursmoo 0

Well, first, the OP's name is 'Steve'. And second, it says 'man'.

leeeighanneee14 0

To the guy who said " YDI for letting your mom have Facebook " I'm pretty sure , it's not up to him to decide on if his mom has Facebook or not . OP : HAHAHAHA , FYL ! I would have died . But I would of FOR SURE gotten revenge by taking an embarassing picture of her back . :D

black_heartz 0

ew. that would be worse for him than his parents!

It says man, underneath the story....

slutsstud 0

WTF? How is this a FML? This is cute. I wish someone had taken my gf and I having our first kiss.

i don't believe anyones parents need their childs permission to have a facebook...

borrismorris 0

Might want to look over your shoulder before you get your first *******!

Autumnatic 0

How on earth could you STOP someone from getting a facebook? It's her own decision, not the daughter's fault.

whatacoolkid 0

I bet when I get my first kiss, my mom will do the same thing. She's like that. I feel your pain, man. :))

bunnywuffles 0

Because OBVIOUSLY he is complete lord and master over his mother and could smite her for doing such a thing o.O

CopperPeony 4

See, #137 that was my first reaction. Embarrassing sure, but completely cute.

jardinteylor 0

LAWLLLLL@ #142. i thought this was hilarious, def FYL.

lilactress717 1

I was thinking the exact same thing! lmfao

WackTastic 0

Haha I`m sorry but that`s kinda cute..just that she`s soo excited and everything. I wasnt brought up in a family where we could share things like that...hell or even have the luxury of a period talk so I dont know how it is to have my family involved in anything like that. I know it`s emberassing but kinda cool.

Ikr moms invade privacy a lot : like if i try to send a note my mom would read it!

that's something my mom would do...


and film a video :D

Holy crap, I hope your mom isn't your friend on FB. Might be time to do some recon and disable her account. FYL.


holy shit, i would blow up her computer. hahaha, FYL

I would too. That's so not cool. I'd be so pissed at my mom, she'd totally owe me a free video game or something, lol

I would be pissed at my mom.. bit I would have liked to take pics of my first kiss too..

ZeldasSage 0

Aww haha too funny XD


op, are you like 13? Because if you aren't, you obviously have no life.

Your mom is either the coolest or least cool mom on the planet

your mom's pretty creepy.

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How is the LEAST? There are so many FMLs on this site that make you go "Er... so what?" This one is pretty bad I have to say! I would have died from sheer embarassement if I was in the same position

yes most definitely the least! for starters, now she has a picture of her first kiss, which i'm sure she will adore and get feel all warm and fuzzy inside 20 years later. second, GOD FORBID she has a picture of her kissing a guy on facebook! if anything I'm sure her mother will take it off if she really asks. and if not; and shes still stressing over this, how many people does she know that are going to be looking at her mothers facebook. so yes whoopdie-****** doo this is the worst fml ive ever seen.

Hahaha no. Have you seen the first few FMLs? Number 35 is: "Today, I spilt a pack of pasta all over my kitchen floor. FML" Granted, this is still a sucky fml, but nothing beats the pasta one.

eh thats a little worse. i mean you have to get out the broom and sweep and then maybe even get on your hands and knees to get the stray noodles that are hiding underneath the cabinets. then sometimes the broom want catch all the noodles because they are sitting in between the tiles where the caulk is and you have to get down and grab those too. its an exhausting experience.

cima3695 0

It's a guy.

i realized that after but oh well.

ohhhhshizzz 0

Because it friggin says it in his name: Steven(man)

krisFrAnHeehar 0

Well, at least she saved a precious moment? Just untag yourself and your gf. And get her to take them off... FAST! Then delete her facebook when shes not home and black facebook from all computers but yours (if you have your own). Then hep your mom find a hobby other than stalking you. :)

Haven't you seen the one with the guy complaining that he didn't receive a text when he thought he did? That was a spectacular fail.

This was from a guy you know

staringatnothing 0

Ask her to take them off?

awww. that's cute of your mom

that blows. i'm so sorry. i'm embarrassed for you!