By PissyPants - 20/06/2010 05:12 - United States

Today, I finally got my first kiss. I was so excited, I pissed myself. FML
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Puppys also piss when excited. Are you sure you aren't really a puppy? Bad dog! Get off the Internet.

superbadd 0

mah first kiss went a little this *muah* then piss *ssss* *ssss* then piss :D


LexaDear 0

at least it gave you that warm feeling!

u no someone has a pic of u as thier profile pic

superbadd 0

i think she found out on another fml

iCommentFML 0

Haha lol definate win 

LexaDear 0

yeah if she doesn't change it when I asked her semi-nicely I'm gonna tear that bitch down.

I bet he/she thought it was hilarious and cute DW! ;)

knibbsy 4

Even if you were first, it's still a fail comment that would get deleted by mods. Anyone who comments that is fail. Good day.

Igniculus 0

That's sad.

first and last kiss you going to get OP

Just_Peed 0

yeah that's pretty sad xD 

Oh, you're wet already?

ahahahhaah loooooser ! how old are you OP?

44 - was that at me?

stickypoopy 0

he thought u said u were first. she ment it was the first and last kiss she will have.

yarbles 3

should have pissed in their mouth

T9FTW 20

Wait.. what?!?

and how old are you again?

dederahne 0

no blowjob for you!!!