By PissyPants - 20/06/2010 05:12 - United States

Today, I finally got my first kiss. I was so excited, I pissed myself. FML
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Puppys also piss when excited. Are you sure you aren't really a puppy? Bad dog! Get off the Internet.

mah first kiss went a little this *muah* then piss *ssss* *ssss* then piss :D


at least it gave you that warm feeling!

u no someone has a pic of u as thier profile pic

i think she found out on another fml

Haha lol definate win 

yeah if she doesn't change it when I asked her semi-nicely I'm gonna tear that bitch down.

I bet he/she thought it was hilarious and cute DW! ;)

Even if you were first, it's still a fail comment that would get deleted by mods. Anyone who comments that is fail. Good day.

first and last kiss you going to get OP

yeah that's pretty sad xD 

Oh, you're wet already?

ahahahhaah loooooser ! how old are you OP?

44 - was that at me?

he thought u said u were first. she ment it was the first and last kiss she will have.

should have pissed in their mouth

Wait.. what?!?

and how old are you again?

no blowjob for you!!!