By honeymoonisover - 28/06/2009 16:05 - United States

Today, my husband of one week lost his wedding ring while we were preparing for a dinner party. After a thorough search and no luck, I started to cry. He told me to quit being a drama queen because we had guests. He then got drunk with his friends, puked on the patio, and called me a bitch. FML
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way to pick your husband. last guy left in the bar?

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Pfft hes not an ass, shes got herself a keeper

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******* yeah he's an ass. And I mean to be offensive. Get a new man bitch.

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hell yea, this guy is awesome

It's not random stuff, she's giving you the context. He lost it WHILE they were getting ready for the dinner party and he got upset because she started crying. Because he was upset, he got drunk and while he was wasted he called her a bitch. If he hasn't apologized, then something's wrong.

well, you probably were a bitch. Alcohol is a truth syrum afterall


save yourself and divorce him now. i dont know why you didnt really what an ass he is before you married him. YDI.

Dude, if my husband lost his wedding ring after only a week of being married, I'd probably cry, too. Screwing something up so early on would probably feel like a symbol that the whole marriage would get screwed up soon as well. Crying when one's emotions are running high does not make one a drama queen. If he called you a bitch for crying, then he's the world's biggest asshole. How about some comfort? Not a put down that will only make you cry more.

yeah but where's the funny part i was like uhhhh. not really something to put on fmylife

people lose things. its natural. dont need to cry over it. however, his reactions after you cried is inexcusable. and calling you a bitch is just WAY over the line, drunk or sober. especially after only ONE week of being married? does he love you AT ALL?

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if he does that again divorce his fat ass.

that's funny bc what he said is hilarious !

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That wedding ring should stay lost! What a dick...

I'd have to agree. And lots of wedding rings cost a ****-ton. She was probably crying because of the money that just went down the drain only after a week as well. Poor thing. :(

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Being drunk is no excuse for being a shit to your loved ones. Simply put, if you can't take your alcohol, you don't ******* drink it.

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when people are drunk usually their true feelings come out so I dont think it makes her a bitch cause shes mad about it.

I think people use "the truth comes out when you're drunk" as an excuse. At first I believed it, but I've seen a lot of guys/girls just become way too mean and say whatever's on their minds because, hey, they're drunk and they can say whatever they want at that point.

Yep. I think it's a complete cop-out, just an excuse to be an ass.

sounds like the start to a great marriage.

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not saying dump him or anything, but hold this over his head for a LONG TIME! also hope that he doesn't get any worse than calling you a bitch when he's drunk..

Great plan. Nothing like dragging a fight out for months to really finish the marriage. Not that it seems worth saving, so maybe it would be for the best.

what a wonderful guy... sarcasm. Calling your new wife a bitch is too far imho even after getting drunk and the drama queen comment before getting drunk... total fail on his part.

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maybe you should have figured out what an awful person he was BEFORE you married him. what a concept! go to therapy. even though its only been a week....


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Even before he was drunk he called her a drama queen for crying about losing her wedding ring. Sure, some people don't care about it ("I can get a new one," and whatnot, which would actually sorta be my take on it), but if you're MARRYING somebody who DOES care, you DON'T call them a ******* drama queen for caring about something.

Agreed. He should know her well enough to know that stuff matters. Anyway - it is a pretty bad omen, haha. Drunk people always ARE their true natures - emotions are exemplified.

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