By Anonymous - 05/03/2018 01:30

Today, my insanely religious 60-year-old neighbor screamed at me when I left my home to go to work. I was wearing jeans and that’s apparently improper for a female adult. FML
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I really don't get this weird kind of sexism regarding clothes. I guess I will read some history about it just now.

Best idea is to ignore her, honestly.


Are you saying you hung round to hear this for ten minutes? Or do you catch the bus near your house?

Who said anything about 10 minutes???

Best idea is to ignore her, honestly.

How do you know its not a man....?

I really don't get this weird kind of sexism regarding clothes. I guess I will read some history about it just now.

Ok, wow. Apparently showing the legs or showing the space between the legs is considered vulgar. The space between the legs... This is so fucked up.

Pants reveal the contours of the body, while giant poofy skirts reveal it. Also, pants are men's clothing, used for working, so women wearing them is usurping manish behaviors and appearance, which is against the godly position of women as subservient and docile. In fact, "gentleel" dress for ladies was supposed to show off that they did not do manly, phsyical labor like the lower classes by making it physically impossible to do so. Corsets, hoop skirts, tight little fancy shoes mean you can't bend or do anything, and only a high class idle female could get through life with that.

Tell her it’s ok because it’s Casual Friday, or what you refer to as Good Friday.

The poor guy must be getting a heart attack every time he goes out on the street or turns on the TV. Women in pants everywhere!

Start carrying around one of those tiny vibrators and next time they do that tell them you got them a present and hand it to them.

tell her that you're sure she was a tart in her day

I agree. Best to ignore the pest. or maybe yell at him/her if you see him/her doing yard work on a Sunday.

Had a man like that yelling on campus my freshman year of college. He told me I shouldn't wear pants, so I started yelling about him wanting me to undress in public. As I am today, I would've actually thrown those pants at him.

PenguinPal3017 19

I might use this to get you out of your pants. Let me know when you have cute panties on, or better yet, none at all.

Tell the religious sack-o’-shit that they can stuff their old-timey sexist crap back where it was welcome, and maybe stay there with it.