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Today, my sister had her first kiss. She was very excited and she told me all about it. She then asked me to tell her about the first time I kissed a guy, what it was like, who it was with, etc. I had to make one up. I have never been kissed before. My sister is 6 years younger than me. FML
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So what if she's 6 years younger than you. Why lie about something so trivial? That's far more lame than not being kissed yet. And I find it strange that you felt the need to mention that you're 6 years older than her but did not specify your age. So if she's 13 and just had her first kiss, that would only make you 19 and still young enough to not make it a big deal. Trust me, there are far more horrible things in life to worry about than a first kiss. Don't worry yourself about it!

Tomorrow, when she's sobbing into her pillow because the jackass kissed someone else, you'll be thankful.


aww its not really your fault everyone is different

dont reply to my comment just to be up top =/

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yeah! i got my first kiss way later than my parents did! everyone's different!

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#9, she's trying to get a comment of merit on top, rather than "(1st) kiss. thats nice :)" which is kind of lame. Agreeing with number 20 here. I got my first kiss at 17. It was wonderful. Much better than those who got it at 11. Different people have different experiences. Don't worry about it.

imma talk if i want to, nd no ugly bitch will silence me

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you seem to be... an idiot... or at the very least, a dumb ass. sorry to be negative but you have no right to demand she can't post a reply on your post that was basically a waste.

a waste? is ANY reply really productive? at least i wasnt one of those fags who goes ZOMG WOOT WOOT 1ST, or someone who just wants there name up top so they reply the first when their post is completely unrelated.

i'm sorry, but i have "no right"?? its my f*cking comment and i can say whatever i want on it. if i dont want ppl replying just so others will see their name, i can tell them to shut the f*ck up if i want. is ANY of this your business? no?? then who asked for your input?? no one!

TKO, don't tell people not to reply to the first comment when you said "1st". That makes you just as idiotic as people that reply to the first comment to be noticed, if not more so.

i LOVE it when people say first ! i think its cuteeee i would do it if i could ever get the chance! its the best thing ever, so little bitch, please dont say anything :)

I'm the little bitch? You need to grow up, get a brain, and maybe begin talking to people again when you do. Of course you think it's cute, you're just as idiotic and immature as anyone who claims "first".

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sometimes getting your first kiss older is better, but people who think young teenager's or preteens relationships aren't real are wrong. i had my first kiss at 13 and my boyfriend then (now my ex and one of my best friends) is still the sweetest, most fun, most considerate guy i know. i don't feel i should've waited until i was older to be in a "more mature" relationship because the one i had was a whole lot better than ones i've seen with older or sometimes adults

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Your a GIRL!!! All you have to is walk up to a random guy and say, "want to kiss me?" If you said that to me I would waste no time and would grab you and give you the best kiss if your life as long as your at least semi-hot

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Ok first of all stop being a lil bitch and just because it sounds immature , doesn't mean the person is and soo eat the the person said 1st , hell I wuld to

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Aww that's not nice. It could be her fault, but some people are just BORN UGLY.

No it's her fault for being asexual. She cannot bitch about not having a kiss. Sex is one thing but a kiss should be done before you are out of middle school just on sheer principle.

maybe she's just shy? or picky... or just not ready. it's not necessarily how she looks, and plus i know some right munters who have had their first kiss already albeit it had a lot to do with alcohol, but anyway...

Yeah you're right #5, its more a FYL for being ugly.

YDI for not being the ****-***** your kid sister is.

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awww :( but whydya make one up??? no shame :)

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agree! I'll admit I've never been kissed and never had a boyfriend. I'm always in love with the wrong people. I'm 15, and I fell hard for a guy that's 18. but I'm keeping my mouth shut cuz it would never work out

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i know how u feel. both my siblings have kissed someone and i havent. i'm 18 and they are 15 (going on 16 in december)

Hell I'll kiss any girl that hasn't been kissed yet.

HAHAHAHAHAH! Don't be such a prude! Break someone off a piece...respectively of course!

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It's okay, at least you won't be the one dying from AID/HIV right? :D

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If girls have cooties I wanna get filthy

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