By lifedamntough - 28/06/2009 11:49 - Singapore

Today, I took a shower after I finished typing an important essay I've been working on for days. My computer illiterate mum shut the computer down when I was gone, without saving a thing. When I confronted her, she yelled at me for "wasting electricity". FML
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Dude you should always save your shit before you leave the computer. Trust me.

if it was that important, YDI for not having the common sense to save it.


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"Computer illiterate"? Now there's a new one

how the hell does this guy deserve this?

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because he was stupid and didn't save anything.

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Agreed with #182. I actually save anything I'm working on every 5-10 minutes to avoid this sort of thing.

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yeah, because most people just PLAN on having their mothers shutting down their computer for no reason. Either way, it's an honest mistake and doesn't deserve it.

first: who the hell works on something for DAYS without saving it? yes, you were wasting electricity if you really left the computer on that long, and yes, you're a dumbass for not saving something that took you "days" to work on. second: if your mother is computer illiterate, how did she shut the computer off? i would consider my mom computer illiterate, mostly because she can't turn the computer on or off. third: ALWAYS SAVE YOUR WORK. constantly. like after every third sentence or something.

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I say save your work every paragraph, and if you were using Windows Vista or Windows XP it would stay on until you click either "Don't Save" or "Save" if you haven't saved it. She either intentionally turned off her computer with out saving... OR turned it off wrong (cause those of you who don't know, always shut your computer down by the "shutdown" button and not the button on the tower) which in this case... she would be computer illiterate.

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wow you are stupid so you are saying you have benn working on a paper for a few days and couldn't even have been bothered to save it, shit does happen you know computer's crash, and there could be a blackout, derr

I am stunned that anyone would work on something important and not save it and have autosave functions active and have multiple copies of the work backed up. YOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU DDDEEEESSSSSSEEEEEERRRRVVVVVEEEEEDDD IIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT Tough lesson, eh?

#188, yes, most people do account for the possibility that you never know when something could happen that causes you to lose your unsaved work. By saving frequently. You'd have to be an idiot not to.

OP deserves it for not saving when he left the room...I've learned to consistently save when working on the computer. that way I don't have to worry about this kind of crap happening. on the the other hand....FHL cuz that reappy does suck even if he was stupid enough not to save.

ydi for saving before u left and the rule is: your supposed to save every ten words

really, an honest mistake? if ur stupid enough to leave something that important without saving it, you are VERY stupid. i save every paragraph or so, plus whenever i leave to avoid stuff like this... ydi

Um, every ten words? Considering I type over 100 words a minute, I suppose I should be saving every six seconds? That's ridiculous and so are you. Maybe every paragraph but ... come on. How slow do you type?!

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Dude you should always save your shit before you leave the computer. Trust me.

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Agreed, sounds like she's just as computer illiterate as her mother.

Fake. "working on for days"? and not once saving it? Nope. This never happened. Ever. How did this make it as an FML???

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I agree, you couldnt have gone dayS without saving your stuff, especially if it was important

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Maybe the OP saved other days, and didn't save the ending

FAKE. I'm sorry but I cannot believe anyone would be that...oh yeah, trying to be nice. It's just not possible to work on something for days and not SAVE IT.

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I don't think OP needs to trust you. OP knows already.

if it was that important, YDI for not having the common sense to save it.

You deserve it for not saving as you went.

That's what you get for leaving the computer without saving. It's one thing for the computer to crash while you're using it, but to finish your paper and leave the computer? Come on now.

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