By drpepperking10 - 02/07/2016 23:27 - United States

Today, I was kissing my crush for the first time and her tooth fell out into my mouth. FML
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You'd better stop kissing her, or she'll be incapable of eating solid food before you know it.

Thirty one times more to go and you'll start getting the most awesome ********...


Steffi3 40

Might just be me, but I wouldn't be kissing her again. That's disgusting.

Because that's her move, make her teeth fall out every time she's kissing someone.

#1 I agree. that's just gross

Its not her fault that her tooth fell out. It gets disgusting if she's a smoker and her teeth are falling out.

Steffi3 40

@4 That's not what I'm saying at all. It's just that, if her teeth are falling out, her dental hygiene probably isn't that great. I wouldn't want to kiss someone like that.

No kissing someone with an ill fitting prosthetic tooth?

She could have had that tooth removed or whatever and is fragile.

More like FHL. Be glad it wasn't the other way round or you would have died of embarrassment which probably would have been a worse outcome.

Still a FML I mean what a disappointment and such a gross moment ?

You'd better stop kissing her, or she'll be incapable of eating solid food before you know it.


does she take care of her teeth at all? that doesnt sound like something that just happens

I don't want to stereotype but "crush" is a term usually used in highschool and below, so it's very likely it was a baby tooth. If it wasn't, I imagine she wouldn't even be able to kiss from the extreme pain she was in due to adult teeth being extremely painful.

I had a baby tooth till I was 23 because there was no adult tooth under it. so long as it was healthy they were not taking it out, it fell out

I had a lady in the store warn me my tooth had fallen out (I have a prosthetic).

I'm 16 and I have a fake front tooth. I got hit by a car and landed face first so my tooth got cracked (and later turned out to be infected so they had to extract the rest of the tooth) :/

English is not my first language. I didn't know crush was something for children. I guess it explains a little., but still if it was an adult I think it is rather unlikely it would happen. Yes people have fake teeth and stuff like that, but I never heard of them falling out spontaneously. Ah well... teeth falling out is like a worst nightmare for me so I guess I'm biased

I'm actually really curious why that happened to her. Maybe it was a fake tooth that didn't have a proper fitting?

Maybe its the tooth fairy and the tooth was one of her most prized collections

Thirty one times more to go and you'll start getting the most awesome ********...

Nothing like a hummer from a gummer!

ourtneyc 14

can you post a follow up? I cannot think of how this would happen

ever heard of milk teeth?

They are just baby teeth where I live. I only heard the expression milk teeth in a movie as an adult.

Hybricide 8

Ok, either she's like eight, she had a seriously loose crown or her teeth were in super bad shape. If her teeth are in super bad shape, I'd quit kissing her if I were you. That's disgusting.

Could also be a fake tooth. My boyfriend has one and, though rare, it has fallen off before. Thankfully not while kissing, but still.