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Today, I was at my boyfriend's house and we were just about to kiss. Until his mum walked in saying his girlfriend was at the door. I thought I was already there. FML
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Who did she think YOU were then?


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Just means that he is in high demand. You should feel privileged.

11 why should crymorefmls feel privileged? I'm assuming you directed that towards him because you replied to his comment.

chester75 5

At least you found out, get back at him by pretending to be his sister and making out with him in front of the other girl. either he will admit he cheated on you both, or let her believe your incestuous siblings.

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Or maybe it's her clone from the future?

guess what OP, you're in two different places at once and you don't even know

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Threesome?! Stop complaining and have some fun!

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#61- your pic is great. I love that movie

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Definitely. Greatest movie ever.

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maybe she was a girl who is his friend?

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i dont see what he did wrong

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Obviously you're not as special as you thought you were.

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And what's wrong with being a man-*****? They have a good salary. I would know, of course. I run the business and KaySL is my bottom-bitch. You know what I'm sayin'?

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Well it's simple really 31. Most of the replies on the first comment have nothing to do with the actual comment. It usually ends up being a random thread. If it makes you feel any better you can go back and imagine I up in an OP in my original reply, cause I'm not typing it again. Why you ask? Well it's because you are what we in the business like to refer to as a **** sucker.

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dude,, welcome to the real world,, boys aren't what we think they are,, bit don't get me wrong some are pretty amazing and yeahh. but imma sorry!

leoisthebestt123 0

dude,, welcome to the real world,, boys aren't what we think they are,, bit don't get me wrong some are pretty amazing and yeahh. but imma sorry!

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And Bones pulls through again... "Maybe he's just not that into you" Now it's time to get over it and move on.

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I'm a straight guy and I agree :P

pretty amazing until you go special victims unit on her ass

CrazyDude19 3

:( I know I'm very disappointed, but kind of used to it lol I'll cheer for Vancouver during playoffs... again

Vancouver lost too... To the OILERS. I am dissapoint. :

yea, can't believe they lost to the last place team. they might finally win their first cup this year :)

194- Dude... Welcome to the FML comments sections, where double posting is actually redundant, unlike in your glitches FaceBook chats...

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This was a train of dislikes......

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lol omgggg! Wow. what a dick move from him

"So I guess that's no on the threesome, how do you feel about toys?"

#255: "do you include midgets when you refuse threesome? cuz I mean it would only be a twoandahalfsome!"

I don't get why people put YDI though. I mean how is that her fault if her boyfriend is a *****?

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i agree her boyfriend is a bitch ! she should break up with him ... and its really not her fault her bf is a man *****

I go on FML on my phone and sometimes I click YDI when I don't mean to, but only a small percentage can be from that. I don't understand how it can be her fault either

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The threesome is just a competition, whichever one is better is the one you keep.

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Let's all help the cause to make group sex a competitive team sport.

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My woody says I'm already on the bandwagon

if ur a dude, don't let her pick the other dude. she will pick up a dude who's shlong is as big as ur leg. she will **** him so hard that u say" I'm just gonna go play some xbox" I learned from experience

that deserves it's own fml. but it did make me giggle whole-heartedly.

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hahahahaha i would slap him if i were u

Maybe the Mother was trying to help the girlfriend by telling her that her son is a player.

Get the mother involved!! Here's an opportunity for a foursome AND some wincest :D

ummmmmmmmmm kind disgusting a dude and his mom. how ****** up is u?

117- No one said his mom doesn't have a penis either..

does it matter? and when I said " how ****** up is u?" I did mean r u but is u sounded mor appropriate to the site/app

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Who did she think YOU were then?

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His morning chick an his night chick. now he just needs a weekend girl and he's on his way to manwhorehood.

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This is either a bad Dr. Who episode or a great porno episode. Is the other girl your twin?