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By Anonymous - 30/12/2010 19:23 - United Kingdom

Today, I met my father for the first time since I was a baby. The first comment out of his mouth was, "I bet all the boys love those motherfucking bazongas, don't they?" Hi, Dad. FML
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Sorry he was such a jerk. He was probably real nervous and blurted. At least that'sy hope. Congrats on the bazongas.

I think you were better off without that asshole.


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Wow?! That's all you can think of is a simple, almost meaningless, 3 letter word? And just to get the first post? You sir, are pathetic. No one is going to praise you or give you attention just for getting post number 1. Just an FYI.

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^ You just did, idiot.

My first post was constructive and not an attention-grabbing 3 letter word.

And what are you snickering at?

haha wow just accept the fact he got first, Nerd.

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u mad br0?

You uncreative bro?

#15 chill the f*** out dude

#15 Whoa bro, a little too much anal don't you think?

my ky is brokn chill out 15, popl will do that for as long as thy can. Not to mntion gtting a long mssag in for #1 can b challnging.

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Lmao Is u Mad ?

my first response to this was wow. my first response to 15 was dumb bitch

Hey Zmeiller, you may not wanna fuck with Sirin. She can shut you down on here!

I think I understand what 52 and 58 typed. I'm still decoding to make shure I got it.

I ment "sure" not shure. stupid anti food.

I'm getting tired of my iPod or fml updates for iPods. I ment "flood".

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Damn. You can basically make a reference to all those other FMLs. They are all pretty similar.

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soo.... this fml is categorized under intimacy.........

eww not a compliment like that coming out of your dads mouth

That's like your mom telling you that you have nice wood. It's messed up. Especially when you haven't seen them in a very long time, and that's all they have to say.

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What's wrong with that? It's called taking a compliment. It shouldn't matter who from.

130, if your mom complimented you on the size of your package, would you still take it as a compliment, or would it freak you out?

telling any girl that her tits are big isn't a compliment, it's harassment.

found the feminazi

LOL! That's a memorable moment for you both.

Can anyone say WINCEST?

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haha 71

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Not funny. :|

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it's funny as hell #85... win!

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ydi for having big tits lol jk that really sucks thou :-/

lol , She does deserve it . sometimes having big tits is horrible . I know I rather have teeny tiny ones , :P

81... That doesn't explain why she deserves it?

Sorry he was such a jerk. He was probably real nervous and blurted. At least that'sy hope. Congrats on the bazongas.

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yup yup btw send me a pic of your bozangas ok haha

I think you were better off without that asshole.

Well, better not having a father than having a perv one. Consider yourself lucky, you haven't been missing anything 'til now.

At least he was out of your life until now. Sorry your meeting went like that, that's pretty messed up.

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well hello to ya too daddy(:

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oh, family. gotta love em.