By guitar_chick7 - 20/08/2009 08:54 - Australia

Today, I said something in class and someone mimicked me. In a self-pitying mood, I exclaimed, "Everybody hates me!" The girl behind me then said, "Pretty much." FML
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Haha bitches I'm #32!!!! And ur NOT! In ur face!!!

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Psh anyone can be #32, it takes TRUE skill to be 55

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In related news, I hate when people say things like "Everyone hates me!" out loud. I probably would have said the same thing as the person behind you.


They hate you because you are a depressed bitch ****. Ass pirate.

you say everyone hates you out loud you lousy excuse for a human being and now u cry on the internet

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self pitying mood = instant YDI

not true. hell, i could break both my legs by being hit by a drunk driver, but that doesnt make me deserve it

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no, if you keep self-pitying yourself, you deserve it. and OP, that's probably why they hate you. get some self esteem.

op may deserve it but the girl who said it is a bitch

A handy survival tip from two decades down the line: Pretty much everyone in high school is a sociopath. You just have to make it through, and things generally get better thereafter. Being really good at hiding can help; assuming everyone is out to get you unless they have a consistent record of proving otherwise is also good; knowing that the second you walk out of those gates for the last time you never have to see those ******* again as long as you live can save your life in a pinch.

OP: Listen to gwenhwyfaer she is very wise and every word she typed is true. I just have something to add: If you don't want your feelings hurt, don't make remarks that leave you open to replies like the one you received. Think first, then speak.

Hiding may not be the best solution, sure, it's less painful but I sure couldn't hide who I was.... I just felt like I wasn't being true to myself. But yeah, I agree - life gets better after school. I hated school and the people in it, but I love university! It's because I'm surrounded by like-minded people who enjoy the same things I do. If you don't go to uni, then whatever you end up doing you will be surrounded by people who chose to do the same thing you are doing, so chances are you will have loads in common :)

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Well you did kind of ask for it. But if I were you I would of said, "**** You Bitch". or at least a little something. Everybody already hates you so what could it hurt? Besides the consequences from the teacher. But yeah it would suck to pretty much know that everyone in your class hates you.

totally :) slap that bitch is what I'd do

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Haha, I'm sorry that you were upset, but you set yourself up for that.

Whoever mimicked you obviously doesn't like you, so you're not going to make them feel bad by saying that. All you could possibly accomplish was embarrass yourself and look lame. And like someone else said, everyone hates everyone in high school. Deal with it and move on.

Hahahaha, you are pathetic. You got so owned and deserved it.