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Today, I met my girlfriend's dad for the first time. His shirt said "D.A.D.D, Dads Against Daughters Dating, shoot the first one and word will spread". FML
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Holy crap, I have to get me one of those!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought cleaning my riot shotguns would be good enough... But the shirt with the guns will defiantly keep little pricks out of here....


But not in a straight line...

In a serpentine pattern!

Or you'll end up like 82..

Or pretend to be her cute gay best friend?

I loved meeting my gf's dads back in the day the ones who acted all touch and hard etc. those were the wild ones lol oh the memories

If im not mistaken this old Dad from the South just wants to keep his daughter for himself..

Holy crap, I have to get me one of those!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought cleaning my riot shotguns would be good enough... But the shirt with the guns will defiantly keep little pricks out of here....

Yea, defiance! That'll definitely do the trick!

That's what my dad thought, until I brought home a guy who was excited to see his gun collection. Now that guy is my husband, and we have quite the collection. I feel bad for my future daughters. I got a bunch of funny movie quote shirts from there and that's where they sell that shirt. I remember seeing that exact one while browsing! it's hilarious!

This could very easily a FthedaughtersL too

You mean keep the pricks out of her* right?

My dad does something similar everytime my boyfriend comes over, and my boyfriend couldn't care less. I swear, my dad will shoot him one day.

Only of your boyfriends a prick and doesn't treat you right!

I wanted to get my father that shirt for Christmas haha

My husband got that shirt for Christmas. Our daughter is only 8 months old. I already pity her future boyfriends.

Ur the kind of dad who problably has te slutty little girl too, Shes daddy's little girl huh?

Hahaha i can't wait to see them ?

Might be time to invest in a bullet proof vest...or at least a charm offensive.

I don't like being overly judgemental, but when I saw "United States (Texas)", my only thoughts were: "Of course, what else?"

Good thing you clarified that - someone might get the wrong idea.

We undoubtedly fulfill the stereotypes. *says while cleaning my rifle*

I am a Texan, and I approve this comment.

My dad has one and we live in North Carolina. Jut because a state carries a stereotype doesn't mean that it has to live by it.

I'm a Texan. My dad has a rifle and is promising to "take no prisoners." I'm moving out.

I think i'll do this if I ever have a daughter

You probably won't...

my dad owns about 4 of those shirts. Your children will hate you.

His children might not hate him; I wanted to give the shirt to my father. I know my father is overprotective because he loves me (and he seriously wouldn't shoot my boyfriend)

Then your daughter will be lonely

NickaPLZ 26

Once I saw a bumper sticker "Guns don't kill people, dads with daughters do." And I laughed.

Cool story, bro.

It actually goes "guns don't kill people, dads with pretty daughters do"

88 is right. Dads don't kill over their ugly daughters.

I sense a bit of bitterness there 101..

Lmao they aren't worty the bullet xd

Show ur uncle / daddy some respect.

Simply because OP is from a southern state (in this case, Texas) doesn't automatically make the relationship an incestuous one.

It does to ignorant people on the Internet

Her dads got a sense of humor!

Too bad he was serious.

Sounds like an awesome dad. That shirt is hilarious!

Simple solution really. Dont be a prick to his daughter.

You mean, don't ever call her bad names, be funny instead, like, pen-is mightier than the S'word?

Except the t-shirt doesn't say 'don't hurt my daughter, treat her with respect, etc, etc,' it says he's against her dating at all. I'm all for protective parents but this guy is obviously just an unrealistic prick.

Unless of course he meant it as a joke, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

#49/53: How do you get the idea that he's an unrealistic prick? The ONLY thing the FML says is what the shirt he's wearing says. You can't say it "doesn't appear to be a joke" when there is nothing else said (like say about how the dad treated him).

I'm assuming if it was a joke then OP wouldn't have felt the need to post an fml about it because, you know, it would only have been a joke.