By Anonymous - 31/08/2010 05:21 - United States

Today, I talked to my boyfriend's dad for the first time. One of the first things that he said to me was, "So, I hear you're a screamer." FML
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Awkward... o_o

Need to chew your boyfriend out for that...


Awkward... o_o

yeah that's creepy

interesting conversation.

I agree, regardless of whether the OP's boyfriend talks to this dad about that, it's very inappropriate and rude for him to say that. FYL OP.

overshare between him and his dad lol

stop having sex in his basement then

i agree with #1

Lol who told him that in the first place?

wow, you shpuld said you heard he had erectile disfunction... maybee.... idk thats soooooo disturbing that he would say that, fyl

the dad was confident in his statement. she made it akward by thinking it was akward :P

how is this an fml?

YDI for being a screamer :D

YDI for having sex in his living room.

one of my gfs in college, when I met her dad for the first time, he grilled me for over an hour on every detail about my dads death when I was sixteen. he thought the story was fascinating. what a dousche fyl for sure

yea like that's not weird at all.....dads a stalker!!!!

Number 14, are YOU a screamer?

im guessin how this ended...

lol yup she proved him wrong

sounds like a porno.

hahaha that is an awesome dad

3-way? always a good idea. one he'll of a conversation. huh?

O,O Holy shit...

i bet ur bf and his dad are realllllllyy close

shouldn't scream then

like she can help it. He may be that good, it causes her to explode in enjoyment. Just because you haven't made anyone scream.

I do. Don't judge me!

Squirt is such an unpleasant word. *Shutters

Alsjdfasdfsakslfja! *Shudders. I haven't slept.

61, there's nothing wrong with letting out a few drops when you laugh...if its a good laugh.

Comment disappeared... Anyway, does anyone remember those Whoopi Goldberg "Poise" ads? I just thought of those.

Need to chew your boyfriend out for that...

Lol CHEW and EAT are much the same...nvm

I'm pretty sure by chew he means to yell

All this girl did was read a past fml and posted the comment then the comment everyone liked she took and used it -.- Fyl for not being original

84- I think they meant op but I'm not sure

lol I'm so confused

At least you know you have his approval! YDI for thinking it's a FML. You could defecate in their sink and the father would just brush it off like nothing.

You responded by saying, "Want to find out?" right?

5, I like you 

I hate you.

dw #24 she's not worth it . I can smell er pungeont , rotten fish pussy from miles away ...

Pungeont? Are you making up words?

hahaha ! funny conversation.

gross! people can be so classless

Well did you say yes?

hahshahahahaha sounds like he wants to go for a test run and hear it for himself.

awk. that is is so awkward.