By coffee_princess - 22/07/2010 23:14 - Canada

Today, my father made his bellybutton talk. In front of my new boyfriend. FML
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"well, mr. bellybutton, what do you think of Emma's new boyfriend?" "he gives me a tummy ache." "ohhhh, mr. bellybutton. you crack me up!"


Maddoctor 10

I hope no lint came out...

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As a guy ill tell you i could care less wat my gf family does as long as your kwl u shud b gud

aww your dad is going back to the old days ;)

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Anyone have any drugs to give me? I'm all out.

Maddoctor 10

Aaaaand the threadjacking begins...

You're only caring because it's yours getting threadjacked :|

Haha_donkey 0

there's something wrong liking that? I thought it was normal. F*ck!

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cool dad but if it was a guy and the dad did it to a new gf would be a short relationship

pfft, quit cryin u baby he was just havin a little fun.

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OP gets a sticker for having a cool dad!

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Nd 7 OMG please don't tell me that's a regular in your house... blink twice if you are being held against your will...

I say op's father was threatening the relationship!! he wanted him to brake up w/ her! lol jk

I bet with 100 Yen, that it speaks French.

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who cares? all parents do embarressing things. no one breaks up with someone because of how their parents act.

knight0748 5

well, when your elder talks, you listen respectfully. do not judge how wisdom is pass on to your boyfriend.

I'm a guy. trust me, dudes don't care about that stuff.

73: Wrong. My family is pretty brash and boisterous. The first time my brother brought one gf over, they made her cry. Multiple times. They weren't being mean at all or addressing her much; they're just quite loud and, uh, open. I love 'em all dearly, but it can be overwhelming at times, particularly to the uninitiated. The relationship didn't last long past that dinner.

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yea! evil french! with a mustache and an evil laugh ^^

zakkyzebra 11

LMAO that's great... I don't see why that's an fml. if I was your bf I'd pull my shirt up and do the same XD in French tho...

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as long as he's not flabby, that would be awesome.

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Lol. ^ Spaceboy, you should learn to spot people that say things to get a reaction out of you.. And avoid responding to them. :P

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Loren, lol. I've told you a gazillion times I'm not black. :P


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im sorry. im just a sensitive person.

Actually I'm on my iPod and now you are the one reacting to my purposely mindless rambling shit that I threw into the comment box to piss you off, instead of that one dude reacting to you I win

Seriously what? I can't walk away from the computer as I am nowere near a computer if you don't count this iPod as a computer because it technically is because it computes shit (literally, it does) Give me another suggestion

I try but anyways I'm hitting the hay Birthday party to go to tmrw

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You cared enough to make a comment about how you don't care about them though. :P

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I never catch you in a 'kidding' mood. So it's kind of hard to distinguish your normal attitude from this kidding one you speak of.

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First time for everything I guess.

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39 Believe me... getting banned over some stupid Sh*t is Just not worth it ... believe me I know cause I had to create like 3 more profiles LMFAO don't do it! LMFAO

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I agree with you Leigh, she always seems negative in her comments. O.o I shall await neg. comments now. D=

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sounds like ignorance is on her time of the month

An FML persona does not a personality make. Some people just blow off steam here; take Toxi as an example. Ignorance could be extremely positive IRL.

go make him a sandwich..awkward how you were a teeenage feminist

Arsonnist 3

Haha nothing says break up with my daughter like good old belly button talk.

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I bet the BF laughed. No real FML here

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f u jb impersonator!! you poser

When there ever a real fml on here? except for maybe once every few days.

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If your boyfriend stays after hearing what your dad's bellybutton has to say, it's meant to be. If he leaves, it never was.

aww lighten up!! stuff like that is funny, an FML was not needed!! hope your bf is a funny guy :)

have you not ever seen white chicks??

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ya but it was a long time ago

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