By glam300 - 30/12/2010 18:21 - United Kingdom

Today, my friend commented on my short skirt and, thinking she was being funny, tried to pull it down. I quickly moved away, causing it to come off in her hands. My shocked scream attracted the attention of at least a dozen bystanders. FML
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Kylias 6

"That sucks, just don't wear mini shorts no more, th... the...n... won't... t... f... bjorkbjorkbjork."


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vball74 0

I followed everything u said til the very end. Let's use our vowels please

Kylias 6

"That sucks, just don't wear mini shorts no more, th... the...n... won't... t... f... bjorkbjorkbjork."

Wtf is this shit? Does anyone else imagine this as her dying message?

I think this is a direct translation from a glyphic language that uses no vowels. I am thus impressed with the ability of a Texan to speak ancient Egyptian.

Let me plug this into my Idiot-English translation engine: "That sucks! Just don't wear miniskirts anymore. They won't try ******* St. Louis year good." Shit, that didn't help. Let me tweak the settings... "They want to **** sterile! You're golden!" Dammit, forget it. I give up.

they still want to **** you cuz you're a girl???

zp5 4

Hold on! Let me try to translate what #1 said. "That sucks /: just don't wear M&M shirts no more, they want to **** still, your good. (;" WHAT?!

Ninjafriends 1

If only you truly did abide by your username "silentvoice".

I guess the mods deleted me because 25 is more precise than mine was, but yeah 25, that's what I meant to say. :-( (nobody luvs me, everybody hates me. I think I'll go eat worms....)

seriously it's just a couple extra characters...quit being lazy and end up sounding like a retard...unless you're driving then I think you need to get off the damn phone!

And just when I thought the world couldn't get any stupider... Wait. Stupider? *facepalm* IT'S RUBBING OFF, PEOPLE. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

emotive_fml 0

How can you even type like that? It really seems like it would take more time to remove the vowels in the words. Actually typing the words and sentences in the correct format takes less time really. Oh... Hold on. I forgot that the world is full of ignorance and people who just don't care about education anymore. All those grammar, typing, and spelling lessons given in school systems are going to waste as we know it. *tsk* *tsk* I agree with #53... Run.

emotive_fml 0

Wait. I meant #35 in my comment above. I am dyslexic so I'm sorry about that. =)

shrinkydinks 0

I think I'm a little rusty, but: I tnk u hv 2 spl wrds t prpr n mb s vls r ppl cnt nw wt u s syn f u ndrstn

ThemApples 0

that sucks just don't wear mini skirts anymore they won't fall? something something? g =girl? I give credit to people that understand her when she texts them.

SirPlagueRat 6

What THE **** did I just read?!

thrAsHeRr9081 16

1- What the hell? Do you talk like this too? It must be quite the headache when you write an assignment or something. People shouldn't have to decode your messages like some kind of game.

KFCkoolaidWaterm 0

I think 1 tried to say this... (oh, and I think I'm 99% right) That sucks. Just don't wear Eminem shirts anymore. That wasn't too f---ed. Still, you're a G.

rusrsbrah 0

I wonder what all vowels looks like. I a o o ou ie a a o I ou e

wow I'm actually impressed. for this to be the first post, it must have been annoying to type like that!

lol wow. number 1 gets the post if the year award.

Milly143 3

Holy f*ckin ass monkeys. What the hell did I just read?!

mercedes3210 6
The_Big_Mac 7

That's it, I'm driving off into the lake while on duty today, this has caused me to completely short circuit.

who the hell types like this??! what is this supposed to say?

I'm gonna try. That sucks /: just don't wear mini shorts no more, they want to, ah screw it too many of my brain cells are dying.

Broja 8

Jeez, I thought that said "That sucks, just don't wear men's shirts anymore..." at first...

I thnk I gt dmbr b rd ths sht y typ lke tht

Are you stupid? Learn to spell. Just please, seek help.

I read this like you were muffling it, while you were drunk

omg #2! at a quick glance I thought the thing on your shirt was your nipple poking out lmao. everything is difficult to see on phones when the image is small.

That is so immature. They got to see a preview though ;)

vball74 0

Wow... Hope u weren't wearin granny panties..

Or no panties at all. :P FYL, OP. That's really embarrassing, I know how you feel. :/

Granny panties with a short skirt...? Does that even work?

Sad face ! Lols well maybe it's a life lesson ? Never wear short mini skirts without a belt ? Lols

lolol_BKYCHO 3

Well, were you wearing good underwear?

lolol_BKYCHO 3

Wait, just don't wear mini skirts? Especially ones that come off so easily.