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Today, I was walking along when I saw this girl kissing her boyfriend. I thought to myself, "I wish I had a boyfriend like that…" I'm a guy, and straight. At least I thought I was. FML
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why does justin bieber have an fml account...

Welcome to the wide spectrum of sexuality. I hope you enjoy your stay.


why does justin bieber have an fml account...

because he saw Rebecca Black's nasty black abyss ;)

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because he likes expressing his feelings about men.

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i am glad you are the first comment haha

that's not an FML op... it's a FMA-hole! hehe

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was that suppose to be funny...

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If you like Justin Bieber then you are.

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because he does not possess a penis

Being gay is a decision. Rid of your penis-to-penis craving and get some chicks!

for some reason I thought he was unsure about his gender...

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I think it's about time for him to come out of the closet. He ain't fooling anyone.

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I never said anything about disliking a story. I was only thinking out loud as to why my comment was moderated. if it's annoying to you, why use your time to bother replying?

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This just made me day even more epic than it already was!

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baby, baby, baby, ohhhh I throught u'd alway be mine!!! (something like that hahah)

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formula for success 1. take something everyone hates (just biebs, jbros, Rebecca black) and insult it 2. receive idol status.

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230. you seriously just said jbros and jus beibs. Fag.

Hah good one I gotta give u props for that one

Hah good one I gotta give u props for that one

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because he fails too hard not to have one!

hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahah lololololol omg that is thee best ******* comment! epic ******* WIN

Eh, I agree with 230. I hate girls who always insult Bieber to look cool.

288, I didn't say that's what 230 was saying. I agree with 230 but the 2nd part was my own opinion.

he would have too many FML's to post

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Typical justinebeibeir-fag. Immature, stupid and confused about his gender. Your avatar has it all. -Raptor Jesus

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I wanna **** mz booty til I cum blood

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does anybody think that op just said boyfriend instead of girlfriend, and obviously

I hope you're good at finding coz if you don't shut up you will find a boot up you're ass (no one cares if it's gay)

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nah it's experimentation....EVERYONE was bicurious at some point in their life. depending on what experiences they had they may go one way, the other way, or choose bisexuality..that can cause issues for those like me who has had zero experience either way, but the human body/mind is naturally set to seek out things that are pleasurable or even things that are associated with pleasure. Point is, think about what you actually felt and disassociate what you thought

I'm sorry but no. not everyone is bicurious at least once

What 151 said. Some people know what they want some don't. It's a matter of how you were born really.

the not knowing what you want part would be the bi curiosity...and either consciously or unconsciously yes you have been bicurious

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Yes every1 is there is a point in your life when your hormones are raging 2 the point that you are attracted to the same same sex. This is why so many ppl say being LGBTQIAC (C stands for cissexual (Wikipedia those)) is a stage

hmm... being a tranny is just a stage?

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Sorry, but that's absolutely wrong. Ive been gay as long as I can remember and have never ever thought of a female in any way, shape, or form in that way. EVER

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Not even when you were little you didnt wonder? I doubt dat and it could b sub-concious (I suck at spellin)


144-u dont CHOOSE sexual orientation... u dont CHOOSE bisexuality... and not everybody is bicurious at a point in life...

That's debatable. It's more likely that you don't choose to be gay or lesbian, but I have seen people choose to be bisexual for attention's sake. Don't try to tell me they don't do it for attention... I know there are some legitimate bisexuals out there, but there are also very many women (and men) who say they are just because. You know it's true.

no you do get to choose, but the point is you aren't born thinking when I grow up I want to be gay/straight/bi whatever, but at some point of your life you let your own emotion and feeling take over your sexuality

Um, no one chooses to be gay or straight. BBC covered a story that proves you're born one or the other; male mice born without a certain chemical in their brain are more likely to mount another male mouse, as opposed to male mice born with this certain chemical who prefer female mice. Google it if you don't believe me :)

304: That's like saying I woke up this mining and said "Today, I'm going to be black!" and then I magically became an African-American woman.

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Everyone does not experience bicuriosity. I myself never have experienced it.

#240: Nooo really? I thought your English was so perfect, it brought tears to my eyes.

Gay bisexual lesbian or transsexual is not a stage it's who you are you can't define sexuality as a stage ass hole

haha.. it's only gay if your dicks touch.

Welcome to the wide spectrum of sexuality. I hope you enjoy your stay.

this. this poster rocks. you could be bisexual or bicurious, pansexual, straight with gay inclinations, "admiring", or a million and one other things we don't have words for, and each and every one of these things is normal, right, and okay. if you (or anyone else, for that matter) need to talk this out or ask for help, hit me up.

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46, you are my hero. I hate when such restrictive labels are used for something this all-encompassing.

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Hit me up 2 ima b a psychologist or sexologist

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couldnt agree more with you guys(:

I would say that perhaps you are lonely, however I would then wonder why you didn't wish you had a girlfriend like the girl you saw..... no offense but you may be gay... and there is nothing wrong with being gay :)

365, some people actually take offense when people say things like that. She was just trying to be polite.

well if you don't find anything sexually attractive about man you're not gay :P