By childdreamkiller - Canada
Today, I took my daughter to see Santa at the mall. When I went to pick her up from Santa's lap, my watch snagged on his beard, pulling it off in front of my daughter and about twenty kids in line. My daughter still isn't speaking to me. FML
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  jwade11  |  12

What luck you have!! Tell her it was one of santa's helpers and that the real Santa couldn't make it because he's busy at the north pole. That'd be extremely embarassing though!

By  mandaboo  |  8

Just tell her Santa has helpers that go to malls for him so he can prepare for crunch time in the workshop? That super sucks, OP. Hopefully she is young enough to believe you so you still have some Christmas spirit from her. It was an honest mistake.

  SwtCherryPie  |  26

oh the tangled webs we weave... lie exposed? cover it up with another lie... thats sure to fix everything... great example for your child... lie lie lie... if that doesnt work lie some more

  mandaboo  |  8

When it comes to letting them believe in magic and maintain their childhood a little longer, yes. You should. Are you going to be that shitty parent that doesn't let your small child have fun? If so, please do not reproduce.