By childdreamkiller - 08/12/2011 17:41 - Canada

Today, I took my daughter to see Santa at the mall. When I went to pick her up from Santa's lap, my watch snagged on his beard, pulling it off in front of my daughter and about twenty kids in line. My daughter still isn't speaking to me. FML
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How does this make you feeeel?

She had to find out eventually. :/


How does this make you feeeel?

Well, when she kills you, you'll at least know why...


OP RUINED CHRISTMAS! You baby kicker. D:

Well, you can't lie to her forever. I guess it was just... *puts on sunglasses* ...a matter of time. YEAH!

A good sunglasses joke. Never thought I would see the day.

You should have watched out for your watch... :D

Csi miami horatio reference , Wisely used Looks like the kids *****puts on the shades**** Know the truth about santa YEEAAAAHHH

A bad sunglasses joke. Always see the day.

Ho ho ho the silent treatment...

31 - Oh how you should have said piece of cake.

She had to find out eventually. :/

What luck you have!! Tell her it was one of santa's helpers and that the real Santa couldn't make it because he's busy at the north pole. That'd be extremely embarassing though!

2-What, that santa doesn't actually have a beard?

I dont get this FML at all, Santa doesn't shave :(

Tell her the real Santa will be there on Christmas eve

... it was Santas apprentice... That's what I would say

When I was young I was told that the Santas at the mall were 'Santa's helpers' so I agree, that would be the best thing to say

He had to wear a fake beard because he lost the real one in a fight with a polar bear over an ice patch


Good preview for when she's a teen.

And once again, many childrens dreams have been shattered by reality...and by your watch.

Goddamn you, reality and law enforcement. Ruiner of dreams.

love the username.

I hate Santa imposters.

Who the hell still wears a watch? Your phone tells you what time it is.

Some people's jobs require it.

*Raises hand*

*Also raises hand

*raises hand* *smacks gasbandit with raised hand* *lowers hand*

Your phone is not the meaning of life. Stop relying on it to do everything. Everyone knows the meaning of life is 42.

There you go, #8. Doctors always wear watches... For pulse check and apparently, a strong hand. Lol

#42: Did... Did you plan that? 0_o

54- Holy crap.... I SWEAR I didn't do that on purpose.

Watches are also quite stylish now a'days

Do you know how dumb you sound right now?

Nice going, 42. You imploded the universe.

If only his beard was real. Then you would be awkwardly picking out his hairs from your watch while all the parents and kids stare at you.

Just tell her Santa has helpers that go to malls for him so he can prepare for crunch time in the workshop? That super sucks, OP. Hopefully she is young enough to believe you so you still have some Christmas spirit from her. It was an honest mistake.

oh the tangled webs we weave... lie exposed? cover it up with another lie... thats sure to fix everything... great example for your child... lie lie lie... if that doesnt work lie some more

When it comes to letting them believe in magic and maintain their childhood a little longer, yes. You should. Are you going to be that shitty parent that doesn't let your small child have fun? If so, please do not reproduce.

She's a kid. Let her believe that Santa is real so that she still has a imagination and has some Christmas spirit!

Omg that's what my mom told me when I was little and found out the guy at the mall wasn't real Lmao