By notgay - 12/02/2013 02:30 - United States - Alfred

Today, I was walking with my friend. The girl in front of us had a really nice ass, so I turned to my friend and said, "Damn, she has a perfect ass." He replied, "That's a guy." FML
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Professor Oak." Are you a boy or girl?"

daringtoride 27

Come on, OP - you definitely deserved that.


daringtoride 27

Come on, OP - you definitely deserved that.

oj101 33

Why is it such a bad thing? There is nothing wrong with ****/bisexuality.

spekledworf 18

44- That is true, but there is something wrong with OP's lack of respect for people. I'm sorry but I was raised better than to make comments like that, whether someone can hear them or not.

No, but there is something wrong with commenting on people's body parts, especially if the person can hear you. YDI, OP. This will teach you to comment on people's body parts in public.

Some girls like it, as long as its done with taste

44- because we're assuming he's straight since he wants to think its a girl's ass


But he isn't gay, look at his name.

decidedlyvague 11

He just appreciates a nice ass. Did you sniff it?

Growlithe1395 19

But saying that the girl had a nice ass by saying "Damn sher got a hot ass" is completely disrespectful.

Professor Oak." Are you a boy or girl?"

Hey a perfect ass is a perfect ass no matter how you slice it. Don't worry about it OP.

iammeorami 25

how did Pokémon come into an FML where a guy says a guys ass looks nice

Pokemon finds its way into everything..don't question it.

It says he's a guy so clearly he's a man, well done

NikkiRainbow63 31

Wow #3. That was simply onixpected.

Btw, that doesn't make you gay. You were just admiring an ass that just happened to belong to a guy..

jojimugo 20

Yea true but dude you're still admiring a dudes Ass, that doesn't really scream straight does it ?

35. You seem so threatened at the thought of seeing the back of another mans jeans. It's clear you've done it a time or two before, it's nothing to be ashamed of. We aren't the westboro baptist church, it's okay to be gay. It's a shame you locked yourself back up in that closet. I'm sure under all that homophobia you're Fabulous!

RpiesSPIES 27

This FML reminds me of Master of Disguise... Wouldn't be surprised if it was fake. Unless the guy was skinny and had well-kept hair, YDI.

Or what if the guy just doesn't think looking at a dudes ass is very straight? When I was a kid.. I yelled out, "That girl is so hot." As we were passing by people standing on the street... My step mother informed me it was a tranny. I was mortified.. But if you think you're looking at a woman, and you get sexually aroused or the sexual attraction is there, it's ok, because you think it's a woman. Once you find out its a dude, and if you're still attracted.. That's when I think there may be a bit of a problem. Unless you wanna be gay?

Now picture an alternate scenario, in which the person in front of you overheard this conversation. Consider, then, how much more awkward it could have been.

Make sure to check the whole SHEbang first. YDI.

Rddvl 11

well that's one way to sound obnoxious. YDI

That's just awkward. Nothing gave it away, like some butch hair or a lack of curves? Hopefully he didn't hear you!

klovemachine 24

"Today, a guy behind me said I had a nice butt. He must have thought I was a girl. FML"

Hair doesn't always tell you what gender someone is..

That's why I also mentioned a lack of curves. Sometimes that doesn't help either, and then it's just awkward. Like I also said.

the only way to really know is to either ask, or use facial structure. I used to think the curve thing would work. there are a lot of times when it doesn't

at least you didn't slap it as you walked by

iammeorami 25

haha that would be really funny