By MisterBrown - 15/02/2010 07:08 - United States

Today, while at a family get together, my bowels suddenly decided they needed to be emptied. Straight away. I felt bad enough using someone else's bathroom for this, but later, my sister came in and loudly said "God, Brian, what the hell have you been eating?" in front of everyone at the get together. FML
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That's when you say, "Don't blame me for your rancid gas, bitch!"

I wouldve said this as loud as possible IM TELLING MOM UR PREGNANT


Pretty funny, but FYL

ydi for being called brian. why did you name yourself that

no biggie part of life

you should have done a courtesy flush. Everything would have been fine. it wouldn't have been funky

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eat moar vegetables?

I wouldve said this as loud as possible IM TELLING MOM UR PREGNANT

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how is this an fml it's ur family how the hell cares

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who ^. my bad, on iPod

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@ #14: seriously, wtf? who gives a shit what your name is? besides, he didnt choose it, and i doubt you chose yours.

23 vegetables give you gas. but writer you should flush

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stfu 47, it's still going to smell even if he flushed (which he probably did). you're a dick. go die.

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I agree with darkprince! get her back!

theyre FAMILY so nobody cares.

Well Brian, what HAVE you been eating?

#14, idiot.... what his name has to do with it...? or person named Brian shouldn't poop..! which name did u choose for urself.... like poopboy..?? LOL

also I'm named Brian..guess I shouldn't poop again...

Methinks you just got trolled.

learn to spell!

that stinks (pun intended) 1st!

this happens to me sometimes with french fries, they just wont digest. same thing with corn on the cob and hominy. also with certain cereals.

your number 2 ..?

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It's happened to us all, so freaking what?

exactly - who cares... if you light a match it kills the smell...

exactly . hes at a FAMILY get together . are they not all family ? plus hus sister has to be an asshole and yell it in front of everybody . not his fault . FYL

22 most sisters are. muahaha. yeah, i'm a girl. with a brother. ;D

ouch sucks to be singled out in front of everybody , you could of sprayed some toilet spray to freshen up the place .

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You should've had a V8.

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Yay! For bodily functions! :D

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ew but lmfao

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Hey, everybody poops. There's a book about it and everything.

i don't poop

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ah, but you see, I remove your poop while you sleep. hehehehe... muahahahahaha!

wait.., what?? :p

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Poop is such a funny word. Just like Erectile. I wanna see an Erectile set.

evil poop goblin - NOOOOOOO!!!!

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a funnier word is poo

I do your mom when you sleep.

That's when you say, "Don't blame me for your rancid gas, bitch!"

Lol, I would of done something like that. But I would of slapped the bitch afterwards.

it's not that bad considering it is your family...

i dont get it. lol