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By kate - 26/10/2021 02:00

Today, my seven year-old daughter called me a weirdo. When I yelled and grounded her, she cried and said she thought “weirdo” was a compliment. FML
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Sdog 6

Why on earth would you ground a seven year old for that?

diraven 15


Sdog 6

Why on earth would you ground a seven year old for that?

some people think weirdo is a compliment.. it's not.

Nhayaa2.0 17

I always take it as a compliment. Because it's true and the world is crazy so I actually really enjoy being one.

It had to be done. Kids have to learn not to use words they don't fully comprehend. You'll be vindicated when she evades a blumpkin. They sound cute and harmless, but they are not!!!

Then ask why they use it and explain it? Why punish them right away for something they didn't intend to do?

diraven 15
Royal Sataness 4

what the **** is wrong with you?! I rock my weirdness with pride, and you're a horrible ass parent. when she stops talking to you completely, shit like this is why. f HER life, getting yelled at and grounded for absolutely nothing

slhiggx 17

This is a lesson for you. Next time your children say obscure things, ask them why they said it / what they actually meant. You jumped the gun.

Marcella1016 31

Sounds pretty harsh. Maybe you should rethink your parenting style. That poor kid :( Look up “narcissistic parenting.”

Aurora25 29

you are a weirdo.. overreacted much.. poor kid

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