By QuietGirlSucks - 30/08/2016 15:51 - United States - Baltimore

Today, I tried talking to the very quiet girl in my grade. We were having a conversation when a very hot guy walked into the cafeteria. I said to the girl, "The things I would do for him…" She looked at me dead in the eye and said, "That's my boyfriend." FML
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"Quietgirlsucks" you know, just because apparently even though she's quiet, she can get shit done instead of just staring at a guy and commenting on how hot and dreamy he is. So lame, right ?

Maybe she's only quiet around you then, how often do you even see her?


Clint_Westwood_fml 10

Just think of the things she wants to do to YOU after that comment! "Hell hath no fury", my friend.

"Quietgirlsucks" you know, just because apparently even though she's quiet, she can get shit done instead of just staring at a guy and commenting on how hot and dreamy he is. So lame, right ?

"Quietgirlsucks"? Well, maybe that's how she got her hot boyfriend.

I know, right? It's almost as if she talks to people she has interest in rather than just watching from afar. Naaaah, that would make too much sense. She's obviously a Wiccan and has him under a spell.

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#25, who else besides other Wiccans would actually take a Wiccan "casting spells" seriously? Those people are more a laughing stock than an object of fear or hate.

#25 The fact that you're serious is a little off putting. Did a Wiccan cast a spell of mind control on you?

I like how you literally said "there are Wiccans who harm or manipulate others" while trying to explain that it wouldn't be a Wiccan.

I don't think anyone really cares about any of what you just said. You said you understood the comment to be funny, but you still pick it apart and try to make a null point.

Why do you think being attracted to someone is a crime? They may not have known the guy existed before that moment.

Maybe she's only quiet around you then, how often do you even see her?

I don't see how she expects anyone to know that if she doesn't talk...

hellobobismyname 24

I don't think she expected everyone to know, it was just an awkward thing that happened. Plus, sane girls don't normally go around just announcing to the world who their boyfriend is anyway, quiet or not.

you're right, i guess she should just stick the picture of her boyfriend on her forehead so just be sure that everyone knows they're together

Ok I might get some hate for this, but while she may be telling the truth about dating him, there's a slim chance that she may just be obsessed with him and not actually dating him. I'm just going on 'quiet' people I knew in school

No. I have an anxiety disorder and went through HELL in school. I couldn't talk. No matter how hard I tried I was practically mute. She might be the same. I was accused of all sorts, bullied, called weird etc. By idiots like you. It's not fair. Being quiet doesn't make you a crazy person.

Oh please 22, from my experience so many bullies are a dime a dozen, if I had a dime for every time a bully told me "apologise for pearl harbour" (I'm japanese) then laughed about like they're the most clever **** on the planet I'd be rich.

28 - You should just tell them to apologize for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and explain that Pearl Harbor wouldn't have even happened had America not forced Japan to open their borders.

JustStella 28

I agree with 38. Hit 'em with the facts! They're so dumb they won't comprehend and their heads will explode. Win.

I don't see how that is awkward, She can't possibly assume you know it, so just laughing it of with a "Wow, you're lucky" seems fairly easy.

"QuietGirlSucks" because you told her how interested you are in her boyfriend? Bad pick for a name. It doesn't really sound like you're the type to step in on a relationship based on the six lines of text I now know about you. Assuming my assumption is not completely retarded, you should just own your mistake and explain yourself to her so you don't end up with people thinking you're happy being the other person in a relationship. Not a fun reputation to have.

lol, when ppl pick their screen name based on one FML and then are stuck with it....

When you submit an FML, you can choose something other than your username to appear at the top of the FML

Shouldn't be too much of a problem, if I were her I'd take it as a compliment that other people also thought her boyfriend was hot. Whenever anyone tells me my boyfriend is attractive and shows any jealousy towards me for it I always take it as a compliment.

I agree about the compliment (not about the jealousy though, that's just sad), it's not like OP said 'damn I can't wait to steal that guy'. I think my bloke is hot so it would be silly to think that noone else would too, and I'm a quiet girl who doesn't use situations like that to make others feel stupid, we don't all suck thanks.

Your response: "Wow I totally never knew that! You're so lucky, he's really cute, huh? How did you guys meet then?" Though, she COULD just have a really great sense of humour and enjoyed freaking you out though haha.

Who says that's actually the truth? Maybe she just really likes the guy too and wants you to back off him. Did she call him over? Did he make any romantic comments to her? I know this will get downvoted, but consider that he's "very hot", means he could be very popular, and it wouldn't be just you liking him.

Couples don't need to be romantic and interact all the time. So her not calling him over, or him making no romantic advances, doesn't necessarily mean anything. From what I understand, most people don't like to see other's PDA, so a lot of couples refrain. Very hot also doesn't mean popular, there's lots of attractive people in the world, and I'd say the ones who have "popular" status, aren't a large group. And even if he is, she could very well being dating the popular guy, why is that so far fetched? I don't see why she'd lie when it's so easy to prove, OP can simply go up to the guy and ask if she's his gf. Given that the girl is the quiet type, she probably tries to avoid embarrassment at all costs because it draws attention. Believe it or not, the quiet girl can get the attractive guy, and her being quiet doesn't mean she's unattractive either.

Not to mention if he is indeed the popular guy, maybe he likes a girl who's quiet about their relationship unless it somehow comes into the conversation. Like it did in this case. Maybe he wouldn't like a girl who shouts proudly about her relationship with the popular guy, and shows off like he's a trophy. Popular people have feelings too, you know.