By zitroskies - 07/10/2009 00:04 - United States

Today, I was walking out of class when I saw a girl enthusiastically run to her boyfriend, jump on him, and smother him with kisses. I thought to myself "I wish my girlfriend did that." When the girl jumped off and turned around I realized she did, just not to me. FML
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Is anyone else somewhat reminded of one part of Paramore's Misery Business video? Except that the girl/guy roles are switched?


Is anyone else somewhat reminded of one part of Paramore's Misery Business video? Except that the girl/guy roles are switched?

i am now OP, sorry but she's not your gf

I was actually thinking of Chris Brown and Rihanna.

lmao, Rachel. Don't give me that lovey-dovey lovey-dovey kiss-kiss-kiss-kiss. Imma grab yo face and chove it from wall to wall. I don't care if ANY of the neighbors call....Then I'm gonna crack a bottle and make my body waddle, then shove it in your face 'cause you think you're a model!

Rihannas IQ is 117, can you beat her? Chris Brown-Yes I can

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Peroxide...epic, still I must smh at that comment.

I had the same thing in mind too!

Dude, what's the problem? You just found out your girlfriend's a slut. That means she's easy and probably puts out.

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I know this is late, but 9 - lmao. I know where the refrence is from.

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XD #8 my friend just asked me today, "on a scale of 1 to Chris Brown, how pissed are you?" and then i saw this.

"That's not even your song!"... Haha nigahiga

oh the high school drama. sucks to be you though...

time to find a new gf.

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Dude that sucks to be you you probably wernt as romantic as the other guy LOL

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dude wtf

that so messed up i would leave her asap !!!

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No no no ^^ This is what I call a win

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F*** i'm serious F*** her and then leave her if i were a dude thats what i would do

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That actually happened a couple of years ago. A girl stopped hanging out with one of her friends, so the friend's mom did exactly what you just described, and the girl killed herself because she was so upset by it. OP, I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope you leave her, if you haven't done so already.

I'm sure he realized that, since he said it was on the news.

Not like she doesn't deserve it. The girl on the news, however, did not deserve it.

Is anybody else reminded of the "Love Hurts" quest from Fable 2?

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No! Thts terrible!! Yes,cheating is bad, but suicide? Thts messed up

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That is just cruel.

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Don't ever fucking joke about suicide like that..

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oh damn that sucks.

option 1: dirty sanchez her.

option 2: Give her an Alabama Hot Pocket.

Option 3: California Poppy.

Option 4: Falcon punch.

Shota Tiger? Yuri Dragon? GURO DRAGON????

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Option 5: Curb Stomp