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Today, I saw an unbelievably cute guy. He caught my eye and began to walk towards me. I adjusted myself and flashed him a smile. He came up to me, smiled back, and said "Hi, do you have a minute for gay rights?" FML
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Well, honey, all the good ones are either taken or gay. But seriously, DO you have a minute?

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Maybe his straight just passionate about gay rights lol, but probably not the case.


Hand jobs only for OP if she were a guy. Which isn't the case, ya dingleberry.

12 your comment didn't make sense because if he's gay he wouldn't want a hand job from a woman. by the way, you spelled write wrong in your description.

Big dicks in your ass is bad for your health.

It wouldn't have been an fml if he was straight.

All sexy guys are gay. Sucks for you. Rocks for me ;D haha

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Just because OP assumed he was gay doesn't mean he was, he could be 100% straight for all we know. Straight males that support gay rights DO exist, I would know, I'm dating one.

All hot guys are either gay, married, or a jack asss...... And all the sweet hot guys r taken....

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Seriously, Why are gay guys so HOT? I want to become gay :(((

If anyone truly believes that Iran affords women the same rights as Europe and Western Countries the term brainwashed comes to mind. I would guess you also believe Ahmadinejad is a wonderful leader. Iran is one of the most oppressive countries in the world, and a blatant sponsor of terrorism...

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Ooh I bet the cute guy was Chris Colfer!

Funny my comment is being downvoted; 132, here is an excerpt from an inside reporters essay on Iran. I can link if anyone wants. This is slightly off topic but it makes me want to puke reading 132's profile. Here is the quote: A woman is beaten until she is hospitalized, yet she is not able to get a divorce, a woman can get a divorce but her children will be taken away from her, a woman’s job prospects are severely limited so she is forced into prostitution to keep herself alive. These lines seem to come from a sad movie, but unfortunately they are true for many women in Iran. In a country, which is ruled by Islamic Law, and in which the supreme leader is a man, women live under extreme oppressive conditions.

Just another note to correct even more of 132's lies - as an avid chess player I find it repulsive that such drivel would be passed off as truth. The history of chess spans some 1500 years. The earliest predecessors of the game originated in India, before the 6th century AD. From India, the game spread to Persia. It's 100% documented that the Indian peoples invented the game known as chess.

maybe he wasnt gay. he cud of been researching into the topic and trying to get ppl involved too. so girl, get ur flirt on :)

-.- really op? Ur gonna make an fml cos' a cute guy is supporting gay rights? That doesn't mean he's gay. Just like how people supporting animal rights aren't animals?

That'd be my dream. xD If only it happened more often.

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I would've given him a minute. c: Like. He could've turned out to be one of your best friends. c:

Well, honey, all the good ones are either taken or gay. But seriously, DO you have a minute?

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My best friend is gay and he and his boyfriend are so cute! all the girls think they're just friends and flirt away, until one kisses the other and they go away, slightly broken hearted aha! gays are mostly cute. always assume they are gay and you won't have to worry :)

Well being straight and single, that must mean I am unbelievably ugly.

No I don't have a minute. Stupid faggots...

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#48, I can understand why you have something against gay people. I'm gay, and it must kill you to know that I could still get a better girl then you could. I'd be mildly upset in that case too. You prick.

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Looks like someone got owned! :D

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48- Whether you're trolling or being serious, why even say that? People should be allowed to do what they want, asshole.

#48 I hope you get run over, you stupid homophobe...

well then ppl either THINK you're gay or taken.. but if you're not taken, they probably think you're gay.

Lol hot guys are douches, ugly guys are sweet and sweet hot guys are gay. -.-

118 - I suppose I should thank you for telling me I'm gay. I had thought I was secure in my sexual orientation of being straight, but you spoke such a truth that I must assuredly be lying to myself. Now if only I could convince my penis to stop being attracted to women.

Ya know u just called urself hot. How humble of u. -.-

That fact that you think you're hot makes you an ass.

Humility can stand aside when I need to make a point. And how does recognizing one's personal aesthetics make him/her and ass. Don't be a jackass.

Considering your age, I can see where you're coming from as you're just starting high school. Recognizing that I'm good looking doesn't make me shallow, conceited, or a jerk. It's the stereotypes that people attribute to looks is why I made a point. And I know people said it somewhat facetiously, but there is a often kernel of belief when they are said. Besides, I could be ugly for all you know, but it doesn't change the core of my argument.

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This world is so backwards. Same gender relationships are disgusting, you have got to be kidding if this is what you consider "normal".

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Homosexuality is found in more than 400 species of animals. Homophobia is found in only one. tl;dr, redefine your definition of "normal", ya jackarse

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being gay sure as hell isn't "normal" stop trying to push that crap on people. the plumbing was never intended to go the way of gay

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You're from Jamaica? I've always wanted to go there! And you don't look like you're 13, you look like you're in your 20's.

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You should have said you were a man to get with him

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How would she have explained that away once the clothes fell off? :P

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well you didn't quite think that one through...

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Maybe his straight just passionate about gay rights lol, but probably not the case.

I'm actually the kind of guy who stands up for gay rights because it's the right thing to do.

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Gays are stupid and i hate them

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Most of the guys on my GSA are straight.

I'm with this one here. I try to do a lot for LGBT rights, and I'm totally straight. (Then again, this might explain why I've never had a girlfriend.) Same goes for a lot of my friends though, too.

The shallowness shows in this on strong.

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how the he'll do you send a message on here ?

Because some cult of Bieber worshippers started a new trend.

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And why do ***** have to be superficial and shallow ?

My goodness it's true. Reminds me of the blonde from Skins. Sooooo cute yet so never gonna go for me ):

I'm not gay... Am I? Or am I just ugly? Somebody tell me, my world is in tatters!!! D:

DrDillion, You seem slightly full of yourself x] No offence ^^

Haha I'm just playing around. Besides, I said me being ugly is a possibility, I think I'm being perfectly fair and balanced!

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How do u send people messages on here?

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Why do stuck up ****** always ask that question?