By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, a guy who annoys me walked over. To avoid speaking to him, I pretended to be on the phone and he walked away. A few moments later, my phone rang. I looked around to see if he'd seen me. He had. He was the one ringing me from down the hall. FML
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  HeartnSoul  |  3

You're a bitch, you deserve anything bad you get. Why can't you come out and say it to his face you wuss? Tell him he annoys or tell him you don't like him so he stops talking to you or recognizing your existance. Stop wasting his time.

And to finish that first sentence, I hope you get AIDs

  HeartnSoul  |  3

Doubt it. Unlike the guy in the post i dont act passive about it, i break em down till they confess so i can I stop wasting my time with ungrateful bitches like that who cant even say the simplest things out loud, in person, to you.

  Sprocket  |  5

Yes, because obviously women being raped in Africa is because they have an abundance of phones. Same goes for juveniles tried as adults and subsequently raped in prison too. You need to pick better things to joke about. -_-

  cytheria_fml  |  0

My aunt gave my number to a random guy that is ten years older than me and is a total stalker...all because she likes him and thinks we'd go great together. He doesn't care that I'm engaged.

  CitrusGirl  |  0

But he could also be a seriously annoying person. Like someone who inturrupts important conversations, repeats the same joke over and over, or is a general jerk. Is it more mean of IP to avoid the kid or say he hates him?

  missrit  |  0

I agree he could be that kind of person. But if OP sees the kid walking towards her, Say "hi" but then immediately excuse herself by saying she has to go to the bathroom.

By  beatrucelynn  |  0

I hate people who do this, and there seem to be a lot of them on this site. I knew a girl who pretended to have a boyfriend and she would talk on the phone with him everyday during lunch until someone decided to call her phone and make her look like an idiot. You deserve this one hundred percent, for being an idiot.

  beatrucelynn  |  0

yeah full blown conversations with this "dude" from another high school. During our class trip she spent a whole day "talking" to him while we all were laying on the beach. You can imagine how embarrassed she was when everyone discovered it was a huge elaborate lie, boy was her face red...... lmao

By  Octwo  |  16

don't know about you people but my phone will ring whether I'm talking with someone or not if someone else calls me, then I can take or ignore it. Point is: it still rings.

  paras0mnia  |  3

That's what I was thinking, OP could have answered the call and asked for a call back as OP had another caller (but noone really) on hold, unless that is OP has a stone age cellular device :P