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  2ndSucks  |  15

Today, my wife stripped in front of me. Expecting to get something, I walked up to her. Instead, she started taking pictures, saying "she'd sext me later." FML


You're luck your mother learned. I've tried teaching my mom, like, ten times and she still doesn't know how to even read an incoming text. It would be A LOT better if she knew; so, she wouldn't call me a hundred times when I'm out late.

By  nlr  |  9

when my parents need to text they have me text that person until my daddy learned o text then he made up his own texting language it makes me so mad when he texts me cds for come down stairs!

  nlr  |  9

92: that gets annoying get a new catch phrase! and your not even saying it right! according to my hoodie and bumper sticker it's "cool story bro, tell it again".