By Sadasian - 14/08/2009 06:19 - United States

Today, my mom and dad were arguing. It started getting really heated, so I tried to go break it up. But within a couple of minutes, my mom wanted to make a statement by throwing a plate to the ground, forgetting I was beside her. I now have a throbbing foot with shards of glass in it. FML
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She wasn't making a statement. She was being an irrational idiot.

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ouch...FYL Lesson learned: NEVER intervene when your parents are fighting!!


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ouch...FYL Lesson learned: NEVER intervene when your parents are fighting!!

sometimes it's worth it, but anyway op, fyl that your parents were fighting in front of you and that you hurt yourself. hope everything works out and that hurt them enough to calm down. btw, most plates are ceramic. and "things started to get really heated" nice peice of innuendo there

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@52: I think it's a fake, too (who says "now has a throbbing foot with shards of glass" when they could be at the ER?), but be aware that a) ceramic can also cut you, if the shards are the right shape; and b) there is such a thing as a glass plate. I have many of them in my kitchen.

They're gunna get divorced, nothing you can do to change it.

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hahahahahahahaha sorry that probably hurt but it made me laugh

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Did you at least go to the hospital? And yes, FYL!

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Just think of it this way, would have put a quick stop to the arguement, well done :)

You need to see a doctor, immediately. What the **** are you doing on FML?!

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Oh man that sucks!! I feel bad for you because I know the feeling of going in to break up a fight. But I've never gotten physically hurt from doing it. Oh and I agree with #9

There's still glass in your foot and you're writing all about it on here rather than seeking medical advice? You're either exaggerating or stupid... A for your mum... She should have been socialised better when she was young.


Have you thought maybe she already saw the doctor? Just because it says "today" at the beginning of each FML, it doesn't mean it happened that day.