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  redcode5  |  17

I don't know why u have dislikes, because the OP is gay cuz he is a guy with a boyfriend...

By  Muppet_B  |  3

Congratulations on your new relationship that's great!

Unfortunately the world is full of micro aggressive dicks. This likely won't be the last or worst comment you hear.

By  xxDeeStar  |  27

Been there. It is painful like hell. But remember one thing, nothing that comes out of the mouth of this stupid classmate is relevant. Their contribution to the world is zero. So screw them. I would have probably said "Yeah ME bitch". But again, ignoring them or giving them the "you're so stupid" look would probably be good enough.

I will never understand people who go out of their way to deliberately hurt someone. It literally takes effort. Like.. Why? You have to be a very shitty person.

Either way, you stay strong OP.

By  Tripartita  |  44

"Oh shit, I was thinking of somebody else! Don't you hate it when you think you're a completely different person and in a relationship?"

–Nobody ever

  Tripartita  |  44

"Integer overflow" is a problem programmers encounter where a number becomes larger than the space allotted for it. Imagine the score in an old video game looping back to zero, but if the integer is signed (positive or negative), it loops to a negative number.

That's not what happened here, but it's a fun fact.