By ouch - 26/06/2010 14:23 - Canada

Today, my friend hit a glass with her arm, so I dove to try and catch it before it hit the ground and shattered. I hit my head against the table, giving me a nice gash that needed stitches. The glass was actually plastic. FML
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Did you even manage to catch it? if you didn't, that's just fail at failing |:


rosemary1990 0

u should of just let it drop

your effort was greatly appreciated hopefully lol

KaraShinee 0

haha op if u let it dropped u would just have to clean the mess, sucks for u

I bet ur "friend" was a girl you liked so u were trying to impress her right?

delanis 0

fail fail fail fail FFFAAAAIILL :o

I would have loved to see this happen in real life.

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48 - Why? I would have covered my eyes. :P OP - That sucks, at least the glass/plastic is okay?

Sam its one of those moments that's bad at first, but later it's hilarious.

pingpongpickle 8

I have no sympathy for stupid people and you my friend are stupid.

that's a story to tell your grandchildren. :D

48- Hey it's the get a life guy. Thanks for jumping on my shit with those idiots yesterday man. You don't even know me. I pay comps that's it. I'm not trying to hook up with young girls. That was pretty effed up. I still can't believe it. I bother noone in here so what gives? Anyway peace man.

Steve your right I jumped to conclusions. I saw that dudes comment and I assumed you were some creeper trying to get with little girls. I didn't really think about it I'm sorry.

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54 - So you laugh at people getting hurt.....? It's alright I do it too. :P

ha well I try to make sure they are ok before I start laughing...but yeah I do :p

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no offense but why dive to save something that cost less than a dollar so stupid YDI

when I read this I pictured op diving in slow motion while chariots of fire is playing

Same Here 89!! Exactly the same, lol.

At least you caught it! You did, right?

Hahaha 18, that would be really sick!

should have just let it fall, it was only a glass, not that big a deal .

your glasses cost less than a dollar? ahaa.

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And I took a shit once. Are we going to keep talking about stuff that doesn't matter or would you like to kindly shut the **** up.

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how do u not kno its plastic

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42 needs to get laid... just saying

uah.... how is your head doing ? >< !(◎_◎;) fyl ><

Did you even manage to catch it? if you didn't, that's just fail at failing |:

palatapus 0

you acualy dove? that's a bit much for a glass.

wow that sucks and sounds extremely painful..