By anonymous - 09/09/2013 20:16 - United States - Round Rock

Today, my pregnant wife was crying, so I let her sit on my lap so I could comfort her. She quickly started laughing in embarrassment as she peed on my leg. FML
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Well, at least you made her laugh! Right?

She's just preparing you for what a child will be like


Well, at least you made her laugh! Right?

Damn straight. That is so much better than incurring the wrath of a woman with child.

At least it wasn't a rhino, right?

Hey, it happens! I thought my water broke at one point and my husband rushed me in (I was only 28 weeks at the time). Nope. Just peed on the floor. Lol, lovely that my little dude found just the right position to press on that nerve and make me pee.

@49. Lol. Long story that I don't even want to go into on why i got pregnant. (Wasn't my choce long story short rape) but my baby never did that. He is two months now

Sorry about your circumstances in getting pregnant 51 :-/. I'm glad that you could find happiness in your little one though

She didn't laugh till she peed, she peed then she laughed. Haha :)

no, she was laughing AND peeing at the same time

I would have laughed if I was her..

She did laugh.

ya op is a good husband...very sweet.

She's just preparing you for what a child will be like

You gotta admit, this FML is kind of cute in a way.. Congratulations on the child-to-come OP :)!

True. My (female) cousin's son sat on her, started giggling, and goes, "I peed on you mommy."

Well that's gotta suck..

Yeah her husband must have been totally pissed... on ;).

You guys act like a pregnant woman never pissed on you. What kind of life are you two living that you've never been pissed on? I remember back in my hay day I was pissed on by 5 girls all at the same time. Whew, those were the good days..

Five girls? Wow, its not a Sunday morning if I am not pissed on by ten men and a hobo.

Well, you're a good husband.

Odds are it's a man.

It's hard to get a woman pregnant if you're also a woman

#60 It could be a lesbian couple who wanted a child and went to get artificial insemination or had a stud do the job for them.

Either way, a guy's sperm impregnated op's wife. What's the big deal? Lol. Women can't impregnate other women... As far as I know. Haha. I Can't believe I had to explain this. Thank you slapandtickle, someone with common sense and a brain.

Actually, surprisingly enough, women /can/ get each other pregnant...though it takes a complicated medical procedure, it's possible!

We can always look at the bright side. At least she didn't shit.

At least she didn't give birth on his lap.

Oh boy. That one escalated quickly.

It's all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits

#31 you made my day

Shake it off, Op, though I don't mean literally. ;P Congratulations for the lil one on the way! :)

ah, she's pregnant. it happens. that was nice of you to comfort her!

I feel bad for both of you... That must have been so embarrassing for her :(

Not if they're comfortable around each other and can take it with a laugh.

Builds character