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Today, I got hit on by an attractive young doctor. After talking for a while we realized that we recognized each other but couldn't figure out how. Then he remembered. He was the one who'd delivered my 10 1/2 lb baby 7 months ago. I stood out because my vag tore worse than anything he'd ever seen. FML
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Honestly it was 100% my fault I teared. Going deep in the realm of TMI this is pretty much what happened. I didn't have an epidural so I was feeling the "ring of fire" like a mofo but he had told me to hold off on pushing for a moment because he was trying to relubricate and massage me open more so I could push my sons head out. Would have worked fine if I hadn't had a crazy intense contraction which made me push extremely hard while his fingers were in there, which made me tear right through. He did an amazing job stitching me up. Really after he realized who I was his interest was more in how I healed and if he stitched me up ok. Apparently he was super new and it was only his 4th day working in the hospital as an attending doctor. He was great though. I was really happy with my experience overall, except for the tearing through to my butthole part.

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Honestly all I can say is bless your heart for going through that

That sounds incredibly painful. Probably not a turn on for him either. Sorry about that.


That sounds incredibly painful. Probably not a turn on for him either. Sorry about that.

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Stretched... Just like my double wide lol!

Well apparently he hit on her so it can't be too bad

You'd think that'd be something a doctor would never forget.

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Well he wasn't really focused on her face at the time.

Pregnant women in labour look very different to what they look like all dressed up, calm and in control of their environment. As a midwife I'm terrified of seeing people in town with prams and children, just in case I delivered their baby. I consider it an honor and a privilege to have been a part of such a special time, but I may have also delivered 4 other babies that shift. Chances are, I will not remember their face. We were also often looking at our patients from quite a different angle, if you know what I mean. Edit: snap #56!

why the **** didnt he perform an episiotomy!!! if he knew the baby was big that would of prevented u from tearing!!!!

@102, That's not standard practice anymore, as it's been shown episiotomies don't actually prove to have any significant advantages and can actually cause more harm than good. If the doctor knew that extensive tearing was likely, MAYBE he should've performed one, but they're generally not done as preventative measures anymore unless there are specific circumstances present. Or one was performed and OP tore anyway, which would be even worse. OP- I hope you healed well! No denying this scenario would suck, but you weren't there to impress him. Congrats on the baby!

Honestly all I can say is bless your heart for going through that

Seven months ago and an attractive doctor hit on you? Looks like you got your figure back!

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Well she did loose 10 1/2 lbs instantly.

Plus placenta and fluids it's probably closer to 30.

Some people never recover from baby weight because their set weight point adjusts to their pregnancy, meaning their body will fight to keep their weight up to where it was before having the baby. That's why baby weight is so infamous for being hard to get rid of. Well, that and the crying offspring that takes up 90% of your time. Essentially, props on OP for keeping a healthy enough diet for it to go away naturally.

I breastfed after my daughter was born for 14 months. All the weight I gained (53 pounds) was gone after about 6 months. Some people argue breastfeeding does not help lose weight but I swear by it. I did not work out at all.

I guess you're pretty torn up about that huh?

You really didn't remember at first the doctor who delivered your baby?

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I was thinking that, but it may not have been her regular doctor that delivered the baby.

I remember my midwives but not the doctor that sewed me up, maybe that's all he was present for.

If it wasn't her regular doctor than she probably was paying attention to what he looked like while pushing a 10lb baby out. Not to mention people look totally different in scrubs and surgical masks than regular clothes.

OP here. He was the on call doctor so I had never seen him before. Plus he was wearing scrubs, a surgical cap, and it was the middle of the night so it was dark for the most part. Plus he probably spent about 30 min in my room all together including checks and me pushing. I knew the doctor was young and tall but I wouldn't have been able to remember more than that.

wow I couldn't imagine giving birth to a 10lb baby! my biggest was 8 lbs! respect op

Oh god, that made my legs slam shut!

I never understood it as a child and was told "aspirin pill is birth control; keep between knees and don't let it drop" 10lb baby? Ouch! Nope, I'm good