By horrible daughter - 24/08/2013 10:23 - United States - Santee

Today, I was feeling guilty about an argument I had with my mother right before she left to go shopping. When she got back, I ran to give her a hug and tell her I loved her. Unfortunately, in the process, I knocked over and broke her new $200 vase. FML
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Well, she's a mum,I'm sure she'd rather have your hug, than her vase. On second thought, she'd rather have both maybe...


olpally 32

Jesus op, you're on a roll. Looks like you have to go shopping for her now.

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Well even though Ops timing sucked, lots of other daughters would usually stay immature, show more attitude or give the silent treatment. Don't be so hard on yourself Op, At least you aren't a shitty person.

The last time I heard this I fell off my dinosaur.... so like this morning.

I bet OP's relationship with her mom is now shattered.

Well, she's a mum,I'm sure she'd rather have your hug, than her vase. On second thought, she'd rather have both maybe...

I think the mom would rather have both. But a good mother--family member, friend--would rather have a person than an object.

The vase broke so the daughter is the only choice. dont let a vase come between you two.

Your relationahip may be fractued now but you'll probably look back in this and crack up later.

Don't worry OP your mother's heart won't be shattered.

Give it a break guys. All OP wanted was piece and quiet.

Hopefully they can piece it back together

Hopefully, your relationship isn't completely smashed.

Come on guys, don't be so invasive with her life

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it'll probably take many fragments of time to glue together their relationship again.

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That was still really sweet of you. Hopefully she'll be forgiving and understand.

I don't know, I've seen some pretty nice vases.

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Don't worry OP, I'm sure she'll forgive you... In about 10-20 years? Lets hope she's not the type to stay angry for a while.

If she's anything like my mom, it'll be in her will

If it was new, maybe she had some type of warranty on it still? That sucks though-hopefully she doesn't think you were trying to trying to spite her.

Warranty? When she broke it herself? By knocking it over? Really...?

The_Big_Boss 20

A warranty that covers being dumb and shattering it yourself? Really?

crazytwinsmom 25

If she paid with a credit card, she may have the purchase protection which does cover accidental breakage. I've had to use it twice for my kids' phones.

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oh my I really hope she forgived you

Oh the guilt just increased didn't it?

No one really needs a $200 vase though, do they?

That's exactly what I was saying. Excess at it's best, I suppose.