By Anonymous - 19/09/2015 18:58 - United States - San Marcos

Today, I sneezed so hard that I re-dislocated my shoulder. FML
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Is anyone else slightly perplexed by the terminology used by OP? did they mean relocated the shoulder?

Number 24, he dislocated it, got it fixed , sneezed so hard and got it dislocate again

Thanks for explaning 36, was kinda confused about that too but it makes sense now! Get (and this time also stay) well soon, OP.

Here's to hoping that this is the last time a sneeze hurts you, buddy. FYL.

I sure hope so, for OP's sake. Now I'm afraid to sneeze ever again.

I know how painful that is so I really hope it's not sore for too long now. I feel sorry for you if you have a cold :(

No joke. I had 3 herniated discs once, and allergy season hit. Worse possible combo of ailments.

How hard did you sneeze? Get well soon OP.

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So hard that he re-dislocated his shoulder

Me too sometimes but I don't think OP did this time

Sheesh what can you say to that!? That just plain sucks.I have a torn labrum in my shoulder and the same thing happens to me so I feel your pain. Feel better !

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how is it even possible?Anyway get well soon!

I've done this before too. For those of you who are asking how it's done. you have a serious injury where the muscles never completely tighten back up. It hurts bro, hope it gets better.

I suggest you go see your doctor and check if you can get an operation since your shoulder gets dislocated so easily.