By sad - / Monday 5 November 2012 07:02 / United States - Lynnwood
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  WritingWrongs  |  8

-1, Were I to hazard a guess, I would say the OP's current "gf" said something along the lines of "Why did that girl throw spaghetti at your face?", but that's just me.

  Osito2011  |  9

He should of said " excuse me, I will be right back" snatch his ex up to bring her back to the restaurant and have her apologies to his current girlfriend.

By  CaptNomNom  |  17

Pretty low of you to get a new girlfriend 2 hours later. It's like you never loved your ex.

  pradip  |  25

Well mistakes happen if u are striving to get the top spot, rather than actually read and comment.

  WritingWrongs  |  8

-11, what I find funniest is the way OP described his ex-girlfriend's actions, she was "seemingly" angry. There is spaghetti dripping down his face, but she only seems angry. You know you're not "in-tune" with someone else's emotions when a plate of spaghetti to the face is subtle. One might wonder if this had something to do with the breakup.

By  Keevarou  |  16

Woah, good thing you got out of that relationship, at least you maybe have a better girlfriend now :)
So that's a good thing, enjoy your relationship, don't let your overly jealous ex get in your way

  DanniNell  |  13

My grandpa has had a 18 year old grudge over me. It all started because of my mom treating him badly. I've never done anything wrong to him and he treats me like shit.

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