By sad - 05/11/2012 07:02 - United States - Lynnwood

Today, I was eating a fancy dinner with my girlfriend at a restaurant. Suddenly, my ex-girlfriend, who was seemingly still angry after our breakup 2 years ago, saw me through the window. She walked in, took my spaghetti dinner, shoved it in my face, and stormed out. FML
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*What did your current girlfriend say/do? (my fingers typed on their own)

If I was your girlfriend I would have threw my food over her.

I'm surprised OP didn't retaliate and put her in her place.

Fox. He did the right thing, he did not stoop down to her level

25- That is true, I admit to my mistake. OP showed self-restraint which is something most people have trouble with. (Myself included)

-1, Were I to hazard a guess, I would say the OP's current "gf" said something along the lines of "Why did that girl throw spaghetti at your face?", but that's just me.

@ 25 Yes, but he could have stood up for himself by saying something at least. Stooping down to her level would be throwing food back at her.

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He should of said " excuse me, I will be right back" snatch his ex up to bring her back to the restaurant and have her apologies to his current girlfriend.

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I read it as 2 hours. Screw my dyslexic...

It was 2 YEARS later... Edit: I saw you fixed your mistake, good :)

Still funnier with two hours. OP has more game that way.

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63: go google what dyslexia is before making ignorant remarks.

Oh Pradip, you and your terribly stupid comments

You'd think someone with dyslexia would know to carefully read things before jumping to a conclusion.

-11, what I find funniest is the way OP described his ex-girlfriend's actions, she was "seemingly" angry. There is spaghetti dripping down his face, but she only seems angry. You know you're not "in-tune" with someone else's emotions when a plate of spaghetti to the face is subtle. One might wonder if this had something to do with the breakup.

Agreed. She's probably the same type of ex who shows up at her ex's weddings.

"I now pronounce you man and-" *ex shoves the wedding cake in OP's face* "******* DOUCHEHOLE!!!"

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56 - they could still be friends in that situation.

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Your comment + the mustache + the Italian accent I'm pretending you have = comedy gold.

Woah, good thing you got out of that relationship, at least you maybe have a better girlfriend now :) So that's a good thing, enjoy your relationship, don't let your overly jealous ex get in your way

Well that's one way to say "I hate you".

Well, it WOULD be easier if he had ordered alphabet soup.

She might still be angry, but that's just a guess.

How is it possible to maintain a grudge that long? O.o

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People keep grudges for decades. Two years is nothing.

My grandpa has had a 18 year old grudge over me. It all started because of my mom treating him badly. I've never done anything wrong to him and he treats me like shit.