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Today, my husband and I switched phones by accident. I've already received several naked pictures from one of his co-workers. FML
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then000bster 16

Invite her over for dinner when, "the wife is gone"

Mister_Triangle 21

I immediately imagined it being a dude, and the pictures being some kind of ****** up inside joke taken to the extreme, and laughed. Then I realized they were probably from a women, and got sad.


Calmly walk up to him at night, show him the pictures, then knee him in the groin.

Bear with me, I think a lot of his coworkers "knew him in the groin" :P

Welp I look smart now, you corrected your comment. I retract. Touché

Ah well, screw auto correct. They corrected my 'knee' to 'knew'. Your comment was hilarious, by the way.

Ah, yes, because condoning violence is so wonderful and so mature, especially considering that there is absolutely NO indication that he sent nudes to his co-worker, or that he asked for nudes from his co-worker. Question: would you condone this if the OP was male, and his wife was receiving nudes from one of her co-workers? Would you recommend he punch her in the face?

66- It's this thing called a joke. Have you heard of it?

Oh my lord 66, lighten up. I wonder what people like him/her do in their social life. Friend: Why did the chicken cross the road? 66: Does this mean you support chicken abuse? We have no proof that a chicken crossed the road. If it wasn't a chicken, would you still ask why it supposedly crossed the road?

then000bster 16

Invite her over for dinner when, "the wife is gone"

It didn't say it was a she, just a co-worker....

Keep those as a proof OP!Those will help you divorce his cheating ass! Apparently, loyalty in a relationship is too much to ask for!

And according to the legendary soothsayer MissBubbles, getting naked pictures from a coworker is akin to cheating. OP has no idea if he's cheating.

He's in love with a stripper!! No one knows the song? Okay then...

I know the song, but it's irrelevant

Yeah, I don't think anyone knows the song. That's why you were thumbed down

Doc, OP doesn't know for sure, but it's a pretty safe bet. If he has consented to receiving those nude pictures, then he is in an adulterous relationship, whether or not he's actually had any sort of sexual relations with this woman.

oh, you consent to receiving stuff? so if some random sends me nudes I've consented to receiving them?

107, *sigh* No, not necessarily. That was the point of me using the word "consent." If he hasn't consented to being sent these nude photos, then he's not cheating he's being sexually harassed. If he HAS consented to receiving these nude photos, then that act alone is adultery. Seriously, it galls me what I have to spell out for people on here sometimes.

"Divorce his ass"? My father cheated on my mother. They went to counseling and such and are now a happier couple. There are solutions beyond the extreme.

Beepbeep7 14

But it still had to be in your mothers head.Though some people can work it out,others are not able to get the image out of their minds.It is not unreasonable to divorce or suggest divorce.You are supposed to build a relationship on trust and when that gets violated in such a manner sometimes you can't get it back.If it were me and he was actually involved with the coworker I would divorce him.

rebellionwars 11


Mister_Triangle 21

I immediately imagined it being a dude, and the pictures being some kind of ****** up inside joke taken to the extreme, and laughed. Then I realized they were probably from a women, and got sad.

I did this also.. Then I considered how wonderful it would be If op sent some in return. Sighs- nope, still sad.

ok. I'm going to include an unlikely yet possible explanation: this coworker is a psycho who is obsessed with OP's husband and sent the pics because she is desperate for his attention and maybe wants to ruin his marriage because she is jealous. this scenario is highly unlikely but minimally possible fyl OP if your husband is a cheating scumbag

Haha this is exactly the reaction I had

jw90 18

44 you just pretty much described a movie

Tessa_11 19

Same!!! Hahahaha

65, which movie?

I believe it's called Obsession.

the one with beyonce?

Actually, there is a surprising number of movies with that exact plot. They range from the girlfriend's roommate to the husband's secretary. I've personally seen three movies of this type.

Why is everyone assuming the coworker is female? Husband could be a closet case.

Wow at least you know you can get rid of the loser and find a real man remember to smile and that your beautiful like all women and you deserve the best

Yeah it's just that easy and painless....

articnights2 2

Wow thank you dr. Phil... Cough cough *kiss ass* cough

Take notes, #85, because #6 probably gets way more action than you.

This is a nice comment, it'll give OP a little encouragement. What's wrong with that?

I doubt it. Assholes get laid. Nice guys get married.

Bitches love flattery.

If you go to #6's profile, it's all girls who recently checked him out, probably because of that comment! ;) Well played sir!

Damn. That is just sad. But look at both sides of the coin before you hit a homer. Ask him what the story is, she might be a stalker that is harassing him

I had a stalker like this for a few months until she found a new guy to harass. I however told my girl about it as soon as it started so she was pissed at the stalker and not me. That just isn't something you try to keep hidden it'll never end well.

Ever think about the fact that this could have been the first time it happened? I don't think so. It's jot like I am defending what he is doing. It's wrong beyond any reasonable doubt. Clearly there is a bit of a bias view on the matter here. Everyone should have a chance to explain their actions. No use rushing into things and regretting it later. And yes I agree he is an DICK HEAD if he is cheating ok matter the reason

I agree here. It's also possible, although I doubt it, that coincidentally she was accidentally sending them to the wrong person, or someone else got her phone and was vindictive. I just think she as his wife should know him well enough to know if its a lie or if possibly it's not what it seems... On the other hand if it is... He better wear armor cause he won't be a guy for long.

Switch husbands love.

I didn't realize they are so easy to exchange, is there a husband store near you? She may need to check the return policy first on this one, he could be broken.

;) or a little bit worn...

shy_and_bubbly 6

Show your husband the pic and bitch him out. then get a new husband

You definitely should confront him!

Prepare yourself for as many outcomes as you can think of then calmly talk to him. If it is the worst news, keep your dignity, and remember you enter the conversation well prepared so you (may of) sorted yourself out financially a mentally first. Good luck.

Hmmm. Print and distribute like those lost kitty posters. If you are kind, you can delete the face.

woah. slow down satan. though I really like this idea

I'd say it's a brilliant idea.

Why does this remind me of Amanda Todd o_o


Post those pics on Craigslist, and add her number as well