By FueledByFate - 04/02/2016 04:59 - United States - Phoenix

Today, I went to the doctor after being sick for weeks. I found out that I had bronchitis that then progressed to pneumonia. My girlfriend is hearing impaired, and when I can finally get words to come out when I speak, she can't understand them. I'm not sure who I feel more sorry for. FML
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Maybe try using a whiteboard until you get your voice back, feel better.

That stinks OP! Hopefully it will get better!


Hey now if you've ever gotten mad about something you can say it and she won't know!

As a hearing impaired person, the number of dickheads I've caught via lipreading doing this is pathetic. Only cowards do this.

Chill they were just like irking some fun out the situation

I think you mean eking out #67. Irk means to annoy.

That stinks OP! Hopefully it will get better!

Well fuck a duck that sucks. Hope you get better mate.

Animal abuse! but really OP hasn't even the energy to catch a duck let alone fuck one

Maybe she heard what she wanted to hear.

Do you know what hearing impaired means

Well, he certainly knows what thinking impaired means.

Maybe try using a whiteboard until you get your voice back, feel better.

Ah yes. I remember the excitement when the teacher would break 'em out in elementary school. Hope you get better OP.

There is always sign language too. It's a wonderful language to learn and helpful in all scenarios!

#20 I'm a junior in highschool and still get excited when we take them out, especially if I can get the yellow marker.

LostInTheZone11 28

Exactly. I don't think whiteboards are given much credit. It would be nice if hospitals had them for people with respiratory tubes who are not allowed to talk as they may damage their vocal chords to communicate.

Holy shit I got a top comment ?

I'm going this OP. I feel your pain.

there is a magical invention Called pen and paper

Plot twist: OP'S girlfriend is also illiterate.

Even more magical is a cell phone or a computer. :)

Try communicating to her through writing, like texting each other. Good luck OP

ain't nobody got time for that

I said oh Lord Jesus it's a fire

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus it's a fire

That's inconvenient! I hope you work things out, OP!