By TooYoungForThis - 30/06/2013 04:36 - Canada

Today, I sneezed so hard that I threw my back out. Now my back is in agonizing pain, and I can barely walk. FML
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Well that was snot very pleasant, was it OP?

Damn, that blows.

So does your response.

I thought it was pretty funny :)

careful... they might direct them... achh you :)

#11_ You shouldn't blow too hard, the stick up your ass might puncture something.

Very punny

Sounds like that sneeze was double edged, the recoil really got you, it looks like you got whiplash unfortunately...

seriously, I wonder how your nose would feel with that kind of kick?

Wow, you must have some sort of Supersneeze.

When I sneeze, I always sneeze 3 times in a row, sometimes 4, and it hurts! I can see how OP could throw their back out, I hope you're ok OP!

Not really - if you have a bad back, it tends to be sensitive to violent movement. When I sneeze, it feels like someone's stch a knife in my back. FYL, OP - hope that sneeze clears up soon.

Sorry that must be so painful :(

Now I can tell this story to the person who is sneezing without covering mouth in front of me. Atleast he will be careful while sneezing.

Sounds like a lot of people were talking about you or you sneezed and stepped on a crack :O the old superstitions aren't infamous for nothing you know.

Interesting: I never heard of that one. I've always heard it as, if someone is talking about you, your ears will ring-- not cause you to sneeze. :P

I thought it was your ears will burn?

The Japanese believe you will sneeze.

The first image that popped into my head when reading this was the sneezing panda. A battle between gushy cuteness and remorse for the OP now rages inside me.

And now I can't get that video out of my head thank you! Lol ;P

Good thing you sneezed! I was listening to the news and there was a man who held in a sneeze, broke a rib and almost punctured a lung. Sneezes travel at around 100 mph so better out than in though I'm sorry you threw out your back.

I don't know how one can sneeze so hard they hurt themselves, but then again I've sneezed so hard I've given myself a bloody nose. So guess it's possible. Sorry to hear that OP.