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im picturing pictures while getting head. also op, if they could harness the power of that sneeze, we could power the world


I'm picturing #1 giving #10 head while he pokes random girls with the device used to brand cattle.


im picturing myself picturing you guys picturing tue pictures that are somewhat humorous to everybody who are reading these comments .. wow tht was stupid .. NVM

Happened to me once. Although I lost my balance on ice when I sneezed and someone cut up my neck with the skates. What can ya do about it, ya know?


It was funny at first. Like a small giggle wanted to come out. Then I realized it was a failed attempt. Nice try though. I'm just playing that was funny. lol Must have had some cheese or something for that to happen. Was there a little NASA station around counting down 3,2,1 We have lift off!

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