By WestboroBC - 03/02/2009 22:56 - United States

Today, I walked in the snow and saw some kid slip. I laughed and felt good about myself. Then I fell. FML
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karma's a b*tch

FAIL. And you deserved it.


karma's a b*tch

i wuz gonna send the exact comment ... great minds think alike XD

FAIL. And you deserved it.

LOL i did that!!! kid fell of its bike, i laughed and then 2 mins later took a horrid buckle

Hahahahaha, so deserved that! But you gotta laugh ay.

So what did we learn?

VexDraham 0

ROTFL! Thats great!

Azbezzy 0

dude this guys a champ. love you

1 and 11 so true. Karma is a bitch though. You kinda had it coming. still funny