By Anonymous - 13/04/2015 01:56 - United States

Today, the only way I can get my boyfriend to do anything is by telling him it's a turn on. FML
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"do the laundry. its a turn on"

"Damn, just the way you clean those dishes"


That's a clever one, at least he cares if you're turned on. :p

Dreamsorrow93 24

Well if the girl is turned on then he more than likely going to get laid. He thinks with his penis not his brain... That's prolly why this works.

krazayman 18

#18 is sorta right. If I think it will make her feel good or happy I'm for it. But that's just me.

"do the laundry. its a turn on"

Even vacuuming and washing dishes must be a turn on.

"Your farts really smell. Go take a dump, it's a turn on."

Why are you complaining?

Seriously? He's just a lazy bastard that only does things to get laid.

#21 Did I ask for your opinion?

-Blares Sirens- weeoo weeoo we got a fiesty one over here.

#21 please learn to respect fellow commenters and ask for permission before using the reply button.

I want to point out #36 is making a joke here, as I do not want this funny comment to be downvoted.

#28 Nothing more annoying than a teenage girl. When someone doesn't agree, "Did I ask for your opini-" Kill yourself.

#28 You shouldn't post on public sites where everyone can answer if you can't handle some feedback.

Seriously? You're gonna tell someone to kill themself? How would you feel if someone close to you killed themself? I'm sure you wouldn't ever say that again

Charles900 16

Wow, how lazy can someone be?

Oh that's such a turn on!

"Babe can you take the trash out? It's a huge turn on ;)"

Whip him Whip him good

I agree wholeheartedly with this comment.

So do I... on so many different levels.

Lol. So when I comment I get downvoted and when you do, you don't. Pretty sure there's a bit of a level of unfair here. :)

thecman25 14

Or just nobody likes you

Good, tell him it's a turn on to take the trash out, do the dishes and any other chores you can think of. Then he'll stop.

PePziNL 20

"Oh god I'm so dirty, please do me." -The dishes

Turn on for who, you or him?

I'm faaaaaaaairly certain he would know what turns him on already.