By Pokerking98 - 16/05/2009 18:44 - United States

Today, while biking, I got into a major crash with two cars. The cars were parked. FML
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If you manage to cycle into stationary things you should probably stick to your own two feet, and not move any faster than walking speed, for other people's safety.

My friend did that once, she tried telling us that the cars were moving, come to find out, someone filmed it and posted it to her Facebook, it proved her wrong.


First (: YDI. It was hardly major if you were on a bike. Learn to ride one man.

Haha that sucks! But learn to pay attention to the road :P

lol. ive been hit by a parked car b4!

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Are you pissed that the cars won't move out of the way? When clearly the bigger,unmoving object is always kind and makes a path for you.

Idiots should always make sure they wear their helmets. We should all pitch in and buy OP a reeeally special sparkley helmet.

A lot of people can't afford cars these days, or maybe they are to young to drive. Dumb-ace. Yes I meant to say ace. Don't you judge me.

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could be an awsome story if you dont tell that last part

YDI for not looking! Open your eyes and pay attention next time

Hey, i seen this in the moderation section, it said he broke his arm too lol, and some other sores and stuff

Phew, next time careful, i also hear that trees cause accidents. Careful one doesn't run into you like the cars.