By zstarr - 14/07/2012 11:15 - United States - Rome

Today, I realized my boyfriend uses sex as a way to get me to stop talking. FML
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"And then Danielle actually had the cheek to call me a bitch in front of the whole salon whilst having my hair conditioned and..." That's nice, bend over baby.


This is terrible advice. Don't stop talking or you might just stop having sex!

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I first thought it was the other way around..but I doubt that happens when you are in the bathroom chatting away..or a public place

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The sex should be appreciated. Some people don't get any, or are stuck using their hands.

Then you know exactly how to get sex. Horny? Talktalktalktalk

#43 exactly, this's the biggest problem, being stuck using my hand :((

MrBrightside21 20

#61 - This is not the biggest problem. It's that we can't "talk" to females without our face turning red, then babbling words, then apologizing for no reason, then running off awkwardly... Just me? Sorry... *runs off awkwardly*

78- I'm with you too.... Forever alone or as another poster on another FML said,"forever available." lol

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What? Just because op might talk to much doesn't mean she should kill her boyfriend.

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Yes. It is time for his death. He is a very shallow man

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Well, I'm sure it's embarrassing & frustrating since you thought he was listening to you ....but, in the grand scheme of things...if you enjoy the sex you could just go with it. There are MUCH worse ways your man could try to shut you up. Men just don't bond by talking as much as women do. Before you give up on him - why not get HIM to talk about it? Maybe you two could agree that he can seduce you when he's had all the talk he can handle and maybe you could have a simple signal that says, "I really want you to understand this one point." He clearly cares about you. But women often need talk to clarify what they really think & feel. Some of that can be done with your female friends..or you can give him permission to half listen till you figure out what your real point is.

iTransform 8

62- you are a very insane person O_o

I guess some things work in reverse: good sex makes the loudmouths quiet, and the quiet ones loud... Interesting!

he could mean open your mouth for the right reasons

he could mean open your mouth for the right reasons

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The women of the world frown in disapproval at you two.

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And the majority of males everywhere

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How can feeling someone's pain be funny?lmaooooooooooo -_-

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121- He wasn't laughing because he felt his pain, he was laughing because he was making fun of women who talk too much. Which is why he got buried.

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Oh,right.i didn't consider that before.

Well sounds like a win win you both get sex and you stop talking ?

The boyfriend gets an extra bonus there he gets sex and the no talking

This is a genius plan!! I'm a girl and I know that would work on me if my boyfriend and I had this problem. Haha this is awesome! Girl, enjoy the sex! Sex is great!

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-57 I came to the conclusion your probably a virgin...

Must... Resist... Correcting grammar...

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#98 Nothing wrong with waiting but with your comment, I agree.

Why talk when you can yell? I guess that's his theory.

Well, atleast he gives you sex, unlike another FML.. Right?

"And then Danielle actually had the cheek to call me a bitch in front of the whole salon whilst having my hair conditioned and..." That's nice, bend over baby.

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That's pretty much standard protocol.

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Wow, what a healthy relationship!

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It's better than using duct tape.

You're getting pleasure too, so it's a win win situation. If you really want to talk to him just incorporate your serious discussions with dirty talk in the bedroom. A little something like: "Oh god your dick is so big, just like the numbers on our bills..."

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Or... Your dick is too small, just like this house???..

zstarr 11

That's hilarious! Good plan. XD