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By LittleRed - 05/03/2012 08:45 - United States

Today, I got more turned on by the idea of sex with my boyfriend than actually doing it. FML
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griffins33 4

At least your being turned on

He probably had a nicer body and more sex appeal in your imagination than he did in real life.


He must NOT suck, which is why sex with him isn't great.

Waiting for someone to say, "Doesn't matter, had sex."

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Doc, did you move? Coulda sworn you were in Hungary. You're making this whole stalking thing much more difficult than it should be.

Aliaskis - did I what? I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about. *moves to Portugal*

griffins33 4

At least your being turned on

Wicked361 8

I don't get why you got thumbed down... You said the truth

I don't get why you got thumbed down.. You said the truth

Kakarot your a douche ... oops "you're" a douche

Wicked361 8

60- I'm not sure if you saw my comment or are just mocking me...

Well it seems that maybe there is something about the BF you do not like.

Redoxx_fml 22

I get that it's Aladdin but what does Disney have to do with this post?

It has to do with the fact that I want to take that girl on a magical, sexual carpet ride.

Redoxx_fml 22

I hope you clean that carpet

bizarre_ftw 21

Goldfishgod - I am honestly depressed that I appear to be the only one that thought of the Steppenwolf song before the Disney movie *facepalm* society saddens me sometimes On the other hand *applauds and bows with a hat twirl* kudos to you for the reference. I approve! ^_^

bizarre_ftw 21

24 - your name and comment combined sadden me further

He probably had a nicer body and more sex appeal in your imagination than he did in real life.

94yhy 8

That's the problem with fantasizing, you expect too much from someone and you end up disappointed.

All those naughty things you thought about doing, should have been acted out, then things might have been different.

shrekus 0

Indeed, most are to shy or embarrassed to tell the other person.

jennt89 10

story of my life lol. I wish my bf would last more than 5 minutes.

cjwalsh86 0

5 minutes! You're lucky! I'm happy to get 30 seconds!

You just have to get him drunk or go Multiple times usually does the trick

Try oral sex. NEVER fails to please in a most orgasmic way!

Ehhh i've gone for 2 hours...got bored and tired...its still amazing though

57, I read the second half of your comment in Mary Poppins' voice.

It happens. That's why it's called a fantasy. Not reality.

I'd like to see the look on your boyfriends face if you were to tell him that the theoretical version of himself is 10 times as good as he is lmao

I'm so going to tell my boyfriend this just to see what he does lol

Seriously? Because even after you say "just kidding," he will always wonder whether you really were. Way to actually try to give the poor guy a complex. You sound like a fabulous girlfriend.

SecretMe00 5

She was joking around 44.. Chill. Besides some people have open, random relationships like that (like my man and I). U just have to know the person to know your limitations.

75) No, she wasn't joking. And maybe your man and you have "open, random relationships like that" because you both have "open, random" bad grammar together. Even joking, a seed of doubt is all anyone ever needs to twist it all out of proportion and demolish their hard worked-for self confidence. You go right ahead and tell your man that he's not pleasing you and your imagination is 10x better than the real him and see if he ever does as well in bed again.