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Today, my boyfriend told me he doesn't know what it's like to be turned on. Apparently, I've been doing something wrong for the past two years. FML
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Neither do I. He may be asexual. It isn't necessarily your fault, OP.

How did you manage to have sex if he is never turned on?


Neither do I. He may be asexual. It isn't necessarily your fault, OP.

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maybe the dude is gay? next time you want to try something kinky, surprise him with a suit and mustache and see how he reacts.

I'm asexual and I can tell that he definitely might be too.. Usually it only takes a boy looking at a girl he likes to be turned on so I highly doubt that it's you that is the problem

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asexual... i dont think he reproduces on his own you mean gay stop trying to use words you dont know

It's research time for you honey. Go onto urban dictionary

I am asexual, so just by looking at someone I can't be turned on. however if someone is able to touch me the right way yes it will feel good to me. so obviously what results after from that is simple to figure out.

Have you questioned his masculinity?

Degrading him will surely solve this!

Masculinity doesn't necessarily affect how you get turned on. He may even be asexual.

Sorry I'm if wrong but I believe asexual means you have no sexual attraction towards anyone of any gender. I think they can still have romantic attachments and suchlike

#42 No; asexual is a term in biology that refers to an organism that reproduces by itself.

#48 That's asexual reproduction... Asexuality itself is different.

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Have you questioned yours brah? You do have Justin bieber as your picture

What does masculinity have to do with being turned on? Women get turned on. If you meant that you think he's gay, gay people also get turned on.

@58, yes however if ops boyfriend isn't turned on by her or other females he may have been with then maybe he could be turned on by men and just doesn't know it or isn't comfortable with it enough to say something.

68 - But he specifically said he doesn't know what it feels like to be turned on. If he were gay, he'd have been turned on buy another guy before.

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72: True, but he has likely come into close personal contact with men in his lifetime, during which, if he was gay, he would have also likely developed some sort of sexual attraction towards at least one man.

It's not your fault if he can't communicate, OP.

clearly he did communicate. otherwise she wouldn't have known

How did you manage to have sex if he is never turned on?

I've encountered girls like OP. There's some general rules you follow but some girls are just bad. They say things that are naturally turn offs or just offensive in general. Sex is fun regardless for guys, but it doesn't mean the girl knows how to turn you on.

Physical arousal does not always equate to certain mental states. It can be purely physical. Plus there is always the chance that they haven't actually done the deed yet.

He also might have been previously turned-on and just not known that he was.

24 there are some really bad guys in bed too that don't turn the girl on at all. I've had guys just lay there and assume I'm there to make them feel good, regardless of how I feel. Having good sex doesn't depend on the woman.

#24 yup it means no sexual attraction. you can still get boners but not from mental stimulli

#38 It depends on both partners. I'm sure no one is satisfied sleeping with a plank.

Maybe they haven't had sex? Not everyone does it before marriage..

Ask him if he knows what it's like to be single hehe

Yeah, that should definitely turn him on beyond words.

I've had a guy have a boner while I was breaking up with him once. It was awkward.

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His fault for not saying anything for two years. Talk to him to find out if it's a general problem for him or if he wants to try to do something different in the bedroom.

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I'd be worried if one took sexual advice from **** videos...

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Do you know how many times on this website I have read something along the lines of "watching **** trying to learn new moves"?