By Anonymous - United States - Vancouver
Today, I caught my teenage daughter doing her laundry for the first time ever. She had piles of black and white, but then she threw them together in the washing machine. I told her blacks and whites were supposed to be separate, but she just said, "End the segregation, mom." FML
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  sweetnsourrr  |  11

I only own a few whites and I have mixed with my colored clothes out of laziness. Dont do it, you might not notice it now because it slowly stains your clothes every time you wash them together.

  noparlpf  |  13

I wash new colored clothes separately once or twice, then mix them and just wash everything with warm water. Modern dyes don't usually bleed after the first wash, if that.


if I do only whites then I use bleach, if I mix my whites and darks (I dont have enough whites for their own load) then I dont bleach them and ive never had an issue? detergent and fabric softener haven't ever made my colors bleed together even with a color shirt and white shirt together in one load

  dedanjel  |  33

In the decade plus that I've been doing my laundry, I've never separated a damn thing. My laundry has also never been ruined by it. White socks ruined by wearing them with new, dark, canvas shoes? Definitely. White socks ruined by being washed with my black shirts and dark blue jeans, never.

By  LostInTheZone11  |  28

When she does a load of whites, throw something red in so she finds out why she needs to separate whites from colors.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

That only teaches why you don't put red clothes in with whites. Quite frankly if you are not the type to give a darn if your white clothes are pure white or a bit dingy then it's fine to mix dark clothes with them. They pretty much stay pale, they just don't stay pure white. However, if you put red in with your whites then you don't get a shirt that is still pretty much white. You get a shirt that is pastel pink. There is a big difference. Also it's important to note that, for whatever reason, red dyes bleed way more than any other dye. A black shirt may bleed once maybe twice but by the third time excess dye is usually pretty much gone. A red shirt will bleed until the day it itself finally comes out pastel pink.

  foooxes  |  8

probably not. unless there are reds in it. I've been doing my own laundry for almost 10 years. NEVER had an issue mixing blacks and whites lmao. I don't know ANYONE who has.

  sunnyskys  |  25

ummm what do you mean the person who posted or the person doing the laundry... laundry= your the one over looking the joke. The Op= your comment is quite possible.