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By Gemma - 06/01/2012 23:16 - United Kingdom

Today, my mother thought it would be a good idea to tell me that I was conceived on an airplane toilet. FML
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Does that make you a member of the mile high club?

omfg_creepers 8

There's not much room in those bathrooms even for one person. Are your parents contortionists?


Does that make you a member of the mile high club?

Just imagine telling that story. "so it was getting hot in the lavatory..."

Poser1337 5

Buttsecks? :D

Poser1337 5

Buttsecks? :D

Poser1337 5

I didn't type that comment twice. Internet connectivity issue? App glitch maybe? :/

That makes OP the Chairman, the Chosen One, even, of the Mile High Club.

Poser when i see your pic, then your comment, its so hard to tell if youre being sarcastic

JoshTheMaggot 8

At least you weren't adopted or named Twinkie..

BarDownDaily 12

At least you weren't adopted? No need to be an asshole, I know plenty of people that are adopted. Theres nothing wrong with it.

59: That's not what they meant... There's a few FML's out there with people who find out (in the worst ways, at the worst of times) that they're adopted.

Atleast you weren't aborted through the toilet!

Or named Twinkie :$

ThatLooksSticky 16

Honorary lifetime member of the mile high club. Emphasis on the word "lifetime."

Isaac_The_Man 0

Pictures or it d... I don't even wanna see-.-

goldfish78 11

Tell your mom they should have done it in the cockpit.

Jakesterk96 8

At least you can say you were born higher than anyone else.

114- They must've done it in the cockpit if OP's mom got pregnant! ZING!

martin8337 35

Mile high baby.

I'm adopted......…

cradle6 13

In the toilet or the bathroom???

Poser1337 5

Let's pray OP ment "On the toilet" and not "In the toilet".

ProTip: In the UK, it is common to use the word "toilet" to describe the entire bathroom. I used to live in Ilford, and everyone called it that.

Both probably. Toilets are normally in the bathroom. And the bathroom was on the plane, which is where it all began.

plus OP said 'on an airplane toilet'. Which implies two things. 1) that OP's mother was bent over the toilet. 2) That OP is American (I know the location says UK, but that doesn't mean they are from the UK) and therefore would have stated bathroom for the entire room, not toilet (airplane is the American spelling. UK spells it as aeroplane. Either that or they are a British person who can't spell :L.

BeatifulPenguin 4

Wow, I'm surprised I'm the only one so far who's said, "AIR BORN"

BeatifulPenguin 4

But really, not that bad.

TSA policy states your baby must be born on the plane if you're pregnant.

That's not what "conceived" means. Conception is the part where mommy gets sperminated.

I'm sure those suckers were poached.

Oh, whoops. My bad, sorry.

I thought it meant the same thing too..

omfg_creepers 8

There's not much room in those bathrooms even for one person. Are your parents contortionists?

They're midgets. Problem?

Man seated, woman on top?

Like a blumpkin?

Tridgit the midget?

henrygondorff 2

Trust me. It can be done. :)

Poser1337 5

Well, it's not the best news you'll ever hear.

Not the worst news either...shit, if that was the worst news I ever would hear, I'd be the happiest person ever

Poser1337 5

Mrmisfit. Read my profile and you'll notice you're my favorite FML user. :D

dukeunidude 4

It would be good news if she finds out she gets free flights. Thats what some airlines do!

Why does it matter where you were conceived? Doesn't change who you are today

You completely missed the point.

I was just sayin :p

I agree haha you are who you are today and it wont change no Matter where you were conceived.

I think it's cool that OP was conceived while his parents were really, really high. Wait... That came out wrong.

Mister_Triangle 21

I think it would be cooler to have been born on a plane. The you could say that you weren't born on Earth

Jelly wrestle between 9 and 14... Just an idea.

atleast she didn't give detail.

At least he wasn't delivered in one as well...

I'm pretty sure saying it was on a toilet is "detail"

Wow! Your dad its one lucky guy. That my fantasy I gotta say, I'm kind on jealous.

not many people can say that :P

Anyone can say it. Too bad it usually won't be true.

littlemsweirdo 12

Wow, actually IN the toilet? Impressive :) Jk. Kinda sucks to hear. But it's not the end of the world. You'll live

You had me until you said Jk.

brianfantana32 10

It's still a little disturbing