By ew. - 17/08/2010 04:28 - Canada

Today, I learned that I was conceived on a public bus. FML
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As opposed to a private bus? Guess that would be a car actually.

I just know that somewhere on that bus, there was a very happy homeless man masterbating to that


Schizomaniac 24

Interesting. Not too many people can say that.

not to many white people can say that

beelo44 0

I was concieved in an orgy... that included a fricken goat!!! :(

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LOL @ #7 im sorry your mom was a bbbbbbaaaaa-itch

wtf is conceibed??? excuse me u knoe how us mexicans are dumb

LosAngelesSon 8

no its just you, im mexican and i know what concieved means, damn idiot

Fuhohohoho!! ....oh, you're serious? Darling, might I redirect you to a dictionary? Or a dictionary web site?

xesyeso 0

no... being concieved is being made.... the whole egg being fertilized thing? DID NO ONE TAKE HEALTH? or have common knowledge?

lol that's a nice ice breaker at a party...

Ali_Br_fml 33

wow, 'being conceived is being born'? really? lolz, ok, I won't be mean. the time of conception is the time when mom and dad had the sexual intercourse that fertilized mom's egg with dad's sperm and made a fetus. Hey, some people haven't taken health class yet, so let's not be mean to them... And I think the mexican comment was making fun of someone who wrote incorrectly b4, and edited it... and Freeze isn't a noob, he likes making comments to people who threadjack without cause. I'm replying to someone who threadjacked... But while here, Big woop OP, some people can say, "I was conceived by a strange man who raped my mom, and she wanted to abort me, but when she decided to, she had already passed the 3-month mark, and had to keep me. Now she hates me because I remind her of my father the rapist and wishes she had killed me."

con·ceive/kənˈsēv/Verb 1. Become pregnant with (a child). 2. (of a woman) Become pregnant. I shouldn't have to do this.

Ali_Br_fml 33

4get everything about freeze... I combined the 2 posts... um fail on my part... and frigging antiflood protection...

#2 might be racist, but that made me lol. WIN #2, Complete win.

lol and the driver probs had his hand down there jerkin while watching in the review mirror.. real classy..

mona_is_here 10

hahahahah I don't understand why parents tell their kids were they were conceived.. is this a white thing.. is this supposed to be one of those parent children thing that only white ppl know about

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waaaaa! be happy your alive and kicking

YDI for learning that you were conceived on a public bus.

Oh. You Canadians... See if your parents lived in America, you would have been conceived in a nice private coach bus!

that's ok op, I was conceved during one of tiger woods affairs... :(

36, your talking about class? yeh, a profile picture in a pink bra is reallll classy..

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Let's all spam how 36 is hot. Because there is no message system on FML. But most of you guys are too insecure/ have too low self esteem to attempt to compliment someone in private. ;(

and they probably named you after the bus driver also??

at least u weren't conceived in a dog house

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I bet op was on a public bus while people started doing and said, 'mom look at that! thats nasty!' 'dont make fun hunny thats how you were made'

concieved means you were put in yo mamas stomach you know sex with no condom and youre concieved

That sucks. My mom told me the other day that I was an accident. it's a pretty awesome thing to be told =P

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#18 no, it's the process of which your made... fool.

turtlemansam 6

Better than in a sewer or however it's spelled

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my parents conceived me in Vegas baby!

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It actually takes a while for the fetus to form, 24. Maybe you should go over your health class notes? You've got a zygote well before a fetus.

That’s actually pretty cool! Oh wait…the goat isn’t in your family tree now is it?

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awwww, no worries. most kids are accidents anyways.

wow OP your mother must have been a total NOOB

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36 I wouldve been jacking off I don't care Im crazy like that

As opposed to a private bus? Guess that would be a car actually.

RedPillSucks 31

As opposed to a chartered bus. OPs parents must be poor. :-)

Well, there are more awkward places, darling, like the back of a Volkswagen Beetle!

emmmilyyy 0

how is a personal vehicle more awkward than a public bus?

I like to pick up girls on the rebound from a disappointing relationship. They're much more in need of solace and they're fairly open to suggestion. And, I use that to **** them some place very uncomfortable. What, like the back of a Volkswagen? No. More like someplace girls dread.

Florence_ 0

Better a Beatle than a Beetle. :D

@skatterbug Oh, I just KNEW I got the quote wrong!

OH MAH GOD ITS MIRORBO :D I'll trade my Metagross for your Ludicolo 8D I'm such a nerd :3

Hmmm...fyl, op, for having to picture the deed in your head!!!!!

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How does this have any effect at all on your life? It's not like people ask where you were conceived. You certainly didn't have to witness it. Really, what difference does it make?

Your parents sound like real classy people! :-)

I just know that somewhere on that bus, there was a very happy homeless man masterbating to that

I say quit complaining, OP. It could be worse: you could have been BORN on the bus. But no, you were only conceived. At least it wasn't in a harlot alley. :]

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I feel like being born on a bus is slightly less trailor trashy than ******* on a bus

RedPillSucks 31

Why? Because they didn't have enough money to become members of the "mile high" club?

completely agree. knowing my parents ****** on dirty public transit isn't really appealing to me....