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Today, I couldn't contain my laughter when a patient told me she'd named her unborn daughter Twinkie. FML
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desireev 17

What is wrong with parents nowadays?! Do they hate their kids? There was a mother who was on the news because she named her child "Facebook Me Soon".. WTF?!?!

Heard people would name their kids things like Sparta so that they could introduce them like this: 'THIS, IS, SPARTA!' Gotta admit, it's kind of funny.


desireev 17

What is wrong with parents nowadays?! Do they hate their kids? There was a mother who was on the news because she named her child "Facebook Me Soon".. WTF?!?!

I bet the guys are gonna eat her out in 18 years.

Twinkle is nothing, in America there is a girl named "Tula does the hula in Hawaii". Poor girl.

On the radio this morning, the morning show I was listening to was doing a story on people with strange names, and a lady called and said she knew someone who named their child "krazi". She also had two other children named "ocean" and "America".

People be trolling with their kids names nowadays

desireev 17

It's sad really.. A parent in the town I live in named their son "7".. Not "seven" but "7"... Sad... So sad...

GoW_Chick 14

Well at least she won't be named after a luxury car ... We all know what they will end up doing for a living, maybe she could be a spokes person for hostess she could make millions.

eyeIoveyou 4

If you guys think Twinkie is a bad name, type in Jesus Condom on google to find a guy's year book picture!

I thought Tula does the hula in Hawaii was New Zealand.

kbtoyz69 9

My sons name is Rocket. ;)

Damn_Hippster 11

75- he's gonna have fun in high school...

Heard people would name their kids things like Sparta so that they could introduce them like this: 'THIS, IS, SPARTA!' Gotta admit, it's kind of funny.

tjv3 10

This world is going to Hell in a hand basket. The population has to be getting dumber. How old was this patient ?

7 is actually a cool name. They stole the idea from Sienfeld though.

tjv3 10

There should be a test that has to be passes before people can reproduce. I mean hell I had to take a test to drive a car.

KRS_13 0

I think he(or she) meant like you spell it 7 not seven. I think it's pronounced the same way.

There's a smart senior at my HS whose name is Casey Anthony. I'm serious, no joke.

sicwitit 0

no they got the name 7 from married woth children

flockz 19

a kid at my school is named lemonjello, pronounced (luh-mon-jeh-low). so stupid.

nnguyen1995 0

My best friend's little brother is named Carrie

cristig 0

I went to high school with a girl named precious princess.. and let me just say FAR FROM!!

Well then #75, you'll have to accept the fact that your Rocket man will be burning out his fuse up there alone...


My last name is Feely... I think I'm gonna name my kid Touchy.

pippacrawford 4

Well if she's a senior, then she was named way before Casey Anthony became infamous as the world's worst mother. FHerLife though.

A girl at school is named "Ladasha". But it's spelled like "La-a". Also this guy that worked next door was named "F". Haha

Actually that's a pretty cool name, just sayin. I think sub-zero would be cooler though

lmw562 3

There was a blurb on the radio a couple of months ago about social services trying to take two kids from their parents. Their names were Adolf Hitler and Aryan Race. I'm guessing the child rearing was also odd....

A guy in my school was named O. Yep, just the letter O.

K_kanaka 26

I remember hearing a story from my parents talking about this teacher who's name was Marijuana. At first I thought they were kidding but with the look on their faces they weren't.

cooLING 0

That is a real name. Ever heard of the legendary actor, Cary Grant?

cooLING 0

Just so I don't appear as if I'm coming out of the blue, I'm referring to 113's comment.

TheDrifter 23

I unfortunately have a nephew named Bentley. There is also a man in my hometown named Dick Assman. No, it's not short for Richard.

MrsLaferriere 0

There is a woman with the first name "Marijuana Pepsi." She's married, is a student-advisor at a university and seems like a legit bad ass.

aawweessoommee 9

There's a professor in my school name professor princess Williams. It's a guy too...

theladyofepic 3

There's a kid in my school named Catfish. Poor guy.

littlegold 7

my parents named me after them. :p

I went to school with a girl named Aquanetta and another girl named Crystal Shanda Leer.

mstangchck 9

Was his last name second? 104

Kefka91 15

The comedy actor Jason Lee named his son Pilot Inspektor Lee. And yep, that is spelled wrong on purpose...

112- my coworker is a teacher, an she teaches twins named L'monjello and Oranjello. I really think she wanted citrus Jell-o.

Two of my really good friends are named Heaven and Angel. I also know someone named Lady. People are running out of names these days.

ThatLooksSticky 16

I think I'll start popping out babies & naming them after Girl Scout Cookies or Ben & Jerry's favors.

Lolo99981 5

i knew a kid named Marijuana and Satan

Lolo99981 5

ii also know a set of twins named orangello and yellongello

I know a chick who named her son Chevy and i know a guy named alonzo zuke. Coolest last name ever

I know a woman with the last name Waters. She named her 3 kids Fiji, Evian and Spring... Smh

munkeebutt 0

One parent is leaving her kids genderless. It's almost like they're using their kids to be all 'in your face' to the rest of the world.

cucumberfabulous 7

When I was at work, a patient said she named her child "Pajyma" like pajama...

KiddNYC1O 20

80- Nice. I'm definitely using that one. Lol.

broski4life 0

I was watching a magic show and one of the kids that volunteered were named Darth. Darth Vader.

I know a girl named Tirzah Joy... After reading these comments, I'm glad my parents gave me a normal name. :p

xMexicanXJesusx 0
ppeanutbutter 1

i definetly agree with your bio. nuff said.

vballgirl811 0

You would have to name one Schweddy balls haha damn that sucks.

MissMisc3 7

to the Rocket comment: Nice reference ;D

mspoutylips 8

I know this kid named Abcde (Ab-cee-dee). I though it was pretty clever.

There is a lady in town where I live that named her twins lemonjello and orangejello. I know, ridiculous.

I'm surprised nobody mentioned the Swedish kid named Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 (pronounced Albin) yet.

My husbands brother named his kid tofu.. And he's Asian so it seemed incredibly stereotypical

mmorgan9218 5

my friend's last name is DeJesus and he said he's gonna name his kid Ima. Ima DeJesus

I know a pair of twin girls name lemon jello and orange jello (pronounced lemawnjelo and orngello)

I didn't read the other comments and I guess they are halfway common names I also met a lady named ******** (shi theed)

RainbowHeadache 2

Dear lord these names... I tried to give my son a less typical name for the sake of being a little bit different and not being one of 10 John/Stephen/Joe's in his class. After reading these names, Dexter Alexander just seems really tame. Haha

batummshakalaka 1

Are you telling people that cause you're proud? O_o

My mom went to school with someone named Female. Pronounced "fee-mall-aye". The kid's mother was a foreigner who didn't speak any English, and when asked to sign the birth certificate and papers and such, she saw the word "female" and thought that in America, doctors name your children for you.

antoinette2010 3

My brother saw a family who named their 3 day old son "your highness" and his nickname was "king". They had the birth certificate to prove it too....crazy stuff!!

monkeys1315 0

I knew a girl named asshole but it was pronounced (a-shole)

tnt227 4

I went to school with siblings named Princess and King

Cream Filling = A Baby in 9 Months OP's patient just flipped the equation and called it good.

DivakiddOsz 5

There's a girl named ******** -_- now that's a problem lol YouTube it . She got a song . & it's not even pronounced how you see it . Lol like shit head ....

My sister married into COXS as a last name..

BEASTvela_17 1

A girl at my school has like seven names and three of them are "Europe" "Africa" and "Asia"

At my high school, we have to wear IDs. Well, I picked up a girl's ID on the floor. Her name was Skittles...

There was a girl in my grade school named Tay-A pronounced Tay-Dash-Uh. I was like o.O wtf?

I knew a kid in my elementary school named HomoSafeway.

FinJage 18

There was an article in my country about celebrities and their children. There were names like Audio Science and Tu Morrow.

bobbycorwen 5

I finally made it to the end of the comments to this comment.

skyttlz 32

I heard that someone famous named their daughter god. With a lower-case g.

ImYoursAlways 3

My mom grew up with a guy named Harry Foote..

PaganCharmFairey 3

At least the kids born with obnoxious names can legally change them when they turn 18. Thankfully they don't have to go through their whole life like that.

Wow such American parents to name your kid 'Rocket'

bamagrl410 31

112 - pretty sure my friend's mom taught the child you're referring to. When she told us we couldn't stop laughing & ended making fun of it in a skit at a camp for the incoming freshman. On a different note, everyone should Google "20 Bizzare Celebrity Baby Names" and read the Cracked article. So sad.

GovernorGeneral 8

80- that would be so awesome. Id love to name my kid Sparta. Thats soo cool Dx And well the rest of you think you have it bad ? I know a guy named Sukdeep....he gets made fun of a lot cause his name sounds like suck deep. Lol pretty funny though :P

My name is ******** and my brother is fuckwad

At least the patient isn't naming her child Penis head or Dick face.

Explicitng 0

My grandma went to school with a guy named Rusty Faucet. And there was a guy at my HS named Chris Cross.

Yourheadache 19

One of my friends name is lexus

Ins_Knie 2

Or "Married With Children..."

CremeEggs 6

My friends, friends named their daughters Tinkah Belle and Cinder Ellah.

Fkn A, Darth is an awesome sons name is darken. Darken has cuzns named taitem,Skye rayne,kelupb lastat(sp?),chyia,macianna,and Phoenix,or and stormy. Darkens name came from the sword of truth book series. Or legend of the seeker TV show is what most ppl know.

JazyPooh 0

My little cousin's name is mauriana all thats missin is the j

strwbrymochi15 2

There was another one where this girl was named asshole, but it was pronounced ash-ole-lay. What happened to this world?

Lol I just posted a comment on that, didn't know it was already said

I've come across a few people named "Hardick".. I think it's an Indian name..

omgo_fml 0

Well ocean is a comment name lol

MiniNyn 5

142 - at an old waitressing job, I came across a man named Dick Long... But on his credit card receipt (since it does last name first) I first saw his name as "Long, Dick"

254 - What about his underachieving brother Fuckwad?

One of my teachers named their baby girl "Starship enterprise". Oh lord.

347, Hardick is also a surname and I know a very English family with that surname. These names, you can tell only Americans come up with them. In England I haven't seen or heard of any stupid names like that apart from foreign families or people in London.

One of my tenants let her idiot boyfriend name her unborn daughter. His choice was "Silence". Two months later she caught him messing around with another woman in their bed. Good thing she gave him the final decision *rolleyes*

bugmenotmofo 34

Better than naming her Ho-Ho or Ding-Dong.

Someone named their child Dovahkiin, named after the protagonist from Skyrim. It was all over the internet for awhile.

Jakesterk96 8

There are 2 guys in the NBA named O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay, both play for the Memphis grizzlies.

My teacher's name is Emil. He writes it Email. Lol

Milly143 3

There's this girl at my school named "La-A" and it's pronounced "Ladasha".

364 There is also a player named Marc gas-hole These grizzlies with their odd names lol

onebigkaboom 10

There's twins at my high school called Miracle & Marvellous.

My parents knew people named Ima Pig and Harry Knee. And my aunt helped deliver a baby who was later named after a sign in the hospital room: Nosmo King. (No smoking.)

Yourheadache 19

I also know a Hispanic girl whos name is lesbi ana, it means lesbian in English

Ocean and America aren't that bad. I've met a girl named Ocean but I draw the line at Krazi.

I would so do that and when he had children of his own they could become Spartans.

115: I'm still laughing... I love your comment.. XD

Ok eye love you sounds good lets chat

My boyfriend worked for an indian guy called harddick! I cracked up laughing everytime I heard his name! Makes it even funnier because he was a tight arse!

Every form that kid has to fill out is going to be assumed as a mistake... First name: First...

Wasn't he the guy off of my name is earl??

Patrick (Pat) McRotch Dixie Rect Richard (Dick) Stroker But seriously I saw one the other day named DaRealyst Jones.

Ciraxas 7

Twinkie, as in the pastry, not Twinkle.

jadejazmyn 5

lol that is hilarious lol. This is SPARTA lol

It's the start of Panem and the Hunger Games.

Lol theres a kid at my school named rocket XD

T9FTW 20

Haha, I went to Family Dollar and there was a rude customer there. She even gave the cashier counterfeit money! Come to find put, her child's name is Demon... WTF?!

I literally know someone named "D" yep, just D. Also at my elementary school, someone is named Princess. She is soo not a princess.

I grew up with someone named "'Harry dick '

What the hell is wrong with John or Emily.

I think some people name their son like just to do the Star Wars thing, also when looking through my school yearbook, there was someone with the last name "Pizza"

happysmile987 24

I knew a kid named cupcake. For real? Any guy would wanna eat her up.

I work with a woman named Gay Ann. That's al her first name.

kittykat1501 31

My cousin's baby has the name Chevy Rae. My mom worked at a day care, and these are some of the names she came across: curly, d'man, and d'king

kittykat1501 31

My cousin's son's father is Russell nails. His nick name is rusty.

Parents name their kids thibgs they cant afford; Diamond, Porche, Mortgage.

In China, parents tried to name their kid '@'.

My dad's cousin's name is 'Orey Norey Pearly Victori'. I met her once. She looked like she had a hard life.

In Belgium we have something called 'Brinky'. Mmmmmmm... brinky*drool*

It's okay, OP; that's a ridiculous name, and I feel sorry for the baby.

Poor kid now I feel like craving a twinkie:)

If the phrase "you are what you eat" stands true, that's going to be one fat child.

jackgoldstein 5

I'm all for original names, but twinkie is just ridicoulous.

hellbilly205 17

124- in this case the phrase would have to be "you eat what you are"

Probably sucks now that Twinkies aren't being made anymore.

The poor baby... I understand why you laughed.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

82, I would actually think otherwise. If my own name was Twinkie, I would do anything in my power to avoid being obese and giving people another reason to make fun of me. Perhaps the mom was just that clever? Nah.

I know how you feel. I'll be 48 in 2043

The_Troller 14

Mmm... Cream filling. Alright, now I feel kinda creepy.

TheDrifter 23

I'm sure that girl's in for a Lot of bad oral sex jokes in a few decades.

winterforever97 30

LMFAO!, that girl is going to get bullied when she grows up xD "Hello my name's Twinkie" lol

The_Troller 14

Now I'm picturing a morbidly obese girl introducing herself to her classmates on the first day of school: "Hi, my name's twinkie" *Awkward silence*

lemonsquid 6
flockz 19

she's probably a ho ho who likes ding dongs. what normal person would name their kid Twinkie?

desireev 17

That mom is asking for her kid to be punched in the face multiple times in school...

AlaskaKid95 7

I'd punch the mom in the face.

The_Troller 14

I'd punch her in the ovaries so she can't have another kid to name after junk food.

That . . . Or getting bullied so much that she commits suicide. Poor kid. Dumbass parent.

Well, how would they expect you to react? "Oh that's a beautiful name!" Yeah right.

Thatoneguy021 0

"Oh that's Twinkie? Forget the dessert, she can be my main course ;)" lol.