By Baustigt - 22/08/2013 14:48 - Australia - Perth

Today, someone on Facebook posted a really tiny picture that I couldn't read properly, so I responded, "What is this? A picture for ants?!" Turns out it was a commentary about rape, and now I look like an insensitive jackass. FML
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I am sure you were not the only one who had trouble reading the image

perdix 29

Ant rape is no laughing matter!


I am sure you were not the only one who had trouble reading the image

addioty 19

The accidental asshole strikes again!

But, OP was the only one to say something.

OP should have asked another user what it said. EDIT: I have no idea why it posted twice, after editing.

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Your life is not complete until you watch Zoolander. Go. NOW. And watch its majesty.

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*Law and order DUN DUN noise* Day 2 International Internet Court FML vs. Bevspeaks

I spent longer than I should have trying to figure out that double negative, Baustigt. I guess I can't read too good either. :( By the way, that's what, like 3 FMLs in now? Crikey, get your shit together man!

#42 I would totally lose I would have to Justin Bieber over and over and over until I die.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Eh. In retrospect and reading his comments, OP seems like an attention seeker.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Objection! My client, bevspeaks, is way too dumb to be held liable for these outrageous claims. He's a hard working commenter who does this only for his children, so please, take pity on this poor, stupid soul. The defense rests its case.

he, HE? since when is Bev a boy's nickname? Goodness I HAVE A PENIS

#58 Nobody wants to read a Justin Bieber reference. Thank You and have a nice day.

64, I don't always seek attention, but when I do I anonymously comment on a website under a false name with a dog for a profile picture.

Wow, dude. FYL. I hate it when something's too tiny and I can't read it.

Ermm... First of all, hope you deleted the comment.. And umm.. Watch out for what you post online before doing it... Don't blame yourself if you didn't mean it OP :P

ummmm like she's like uhhhh soooooo like right about that...umm

5- I read your comment in that annoying nasally girl from Hannah Montana...not that I watch Hannah Montana...heheh...*rubs neck nervously*

She was just putting personality in her comment, so excuse her for being a little original. It's not like you couldn't read it, so shut it.

91- Nobody. They have a sixth sense about these things.

Not your fault op you didnt know what it was a picture of

Oh Baustigt, you've looked like an insensitive jackass for years before this little episode. Am I right?

olpally 32

"Really ridiculously good-looking" are you Derek zoolander? Lol. As for your FML, meh, not a big deal if you couldn't see it that well to begin with. Apologize and move on.

skyeyez9 24

Don't lie. In reality, you are a talking white american bulldog who has access to the internet.

CharresBarkrey 15

That is most definitely an American Bulldog...

perdix 29

Ant rape is no laughing matter!

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

well that ant true. haha. my first pun and I think I failed. :(

82 - Because everyone needs to start somewhere and by putting it out there people can offer constructive criticism. The first time you get a bike, you don't not ride it because you might fall off...

Yes, I understand that, but theyre going on about how they think they failed the pun; if you design a failure of a car, are you going to put it on market?

I think that everyone is overlooking the fact that ant rape is no joke and causes mental and physical trauma to thousands of ants every day. OP and all of you should be ashamed for disregarding such a sensitive issue.

Well if you look at it technically, because you wrote a lot more and were more descriptive, you started writing your comment before perdix. So technically speaking, you beat him. If that makes you feel any better.

skyeyez9 24

Ants who are victims of rape cope with their pain by shoving cockroaches into light sockets.

perdix 29

#37, no, I type very slowly with a hunt 'n' peck method. (I won't tell you how I hunt 'n' peck ;) ). I'm sure I started writing first.

we get it. it's funny because you're making a joke about rape. herp derp

56, as 10 pointed out, rape, particularly the kind involving hive minded insects, is no joking matter.

skyeyez9 24

I think the perpetrators of ant rape prefer to call it "surprise sex."

@48- I actually just read the FML you're talking about! XD Poor mentally unstable ants.. I will never judge them again! /_

Glasses would be nice. I wear 2 pairs to make it look more dramatic when I take one off