The talk

By airplanes-suck - 21/08/2009 00:20 - United States

Today, I went on a plane and was sitting next to a mom with her 12-year-oldish daughter. Apparently, they decided to have "The talk." On the plane, right next to me. I heard everything, and actually learned new things. I'm 35. FML
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A little sad, but I'm assuming it was an in depth discussion? 3:


A little sad, but I'm assuming it was an in depth discussion? 3:

AvinG 0

lol, thats hilarious, but it sucks at the same time, fyl

NaziZombie 0

that waould be awkward, and number 5 will explain why.

she probaly chose on the plane simply because that way her daughter couldnet just run away and hide from having to hear the talk

echarperouge 0

Because she can somehow escape when she's in a car?

she can run out of the car at a red light :p

tomakobriefs 11
IloveFML1 0

HAHAHHHA!!!! thats so funny if she jumped out on a RED LIGHT!!!!! :P

lol but she couldve ran to the bathroom...

your a woman and you learnt new things... hmm well fyl and ydi in a way

VickiPeace 0

Lol. You could have just jumped out the window if you had such a problem with it, jeez. xD

If you learned new things, how is that FML? Better late than never.

why didnt u just move to an open seat? i do tht all the time

quietgirl 0

That's what I'm wondering... How much can you learn from the talk? My Parents Gave me the talk: Mum - double bag it Dad - don't give them your name or address My lovely parents... xD