The talk

By airplanes-suck - 21/08/2009 00:20 - United States

Today, I went on a plane and was sitting next to a mom with her 12-year-oldish daughter. Apparently, they decided to have "The talk." On the plane, right next to me. I heard everything, and actually learned new things. I'm 35. FML
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Better late than never!

A little sad, but I'm assuming it was an in depth discussion? 3:


A little sad, but I'm assuming it was an in depth discussion? 3:

Better late than never!

AvinG 0

lol, thats hilarious, but it sucks at the same time, fyl

NaziZombie 0

that waould be awkward, and number 5 will explain why.

she probaly chose on the plane simply because that way her daughter couldnet just run away and hide from having to hear the talk

agree. also EPIC FAIL.

echarperouge 0

Because she can somehow escape when she's in a car?

she can run out of the car at a red light :p

tomakobriefs 11

Because a plane = a car?

IloveFML1 0

HAHAHHHA!!!! thats so funny if she jumped out on a RED LIGHT!!!!! :P

lol but she couldve ran to the bathroom...

your a woman and you learnt new things... hmm well fyl and ydi in a way

Learned. Not learnt.

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Lol. You could have just jumped out the window if you had such a problem with it, jeez. xD

Airplane windows don't open

If you learned new things, how is that FML? Better late than never.

why didnt u just move to an open seat? i do tht all the time

quietgirl 0

what did you learn?

That's what I'm wondering... How much can you learn from the talk? My Parents Gave me the talk: Mum - double bag it Dad - don't give them your name or address My lovely parents... xD